Thursday, February 12, 2004

[The Sun]

For everything, the first time is usually a happy occasion such as Anne Heung spending her first Valentines Day with her boyfriend, leaving her in high spirits. However, when she was asked how her preparations were coming along yesterday, she complained that she has been working every day and has not had time to go and buy him a present, so she can only guess what he has bought her. Anne also says that she doesn't like to receive flowers because she hopes to receive something more long lasting! [Em's note: Diamonds maybe?!]


[The Sun]

Not having made an appearance for a while, Bernice Liu has developed a very husky voice after suffering from a bad cold since last year and not able to recover despite seeking help from various doctors. It has been confirmed that she has an ulcer in her throat and she may need to have an operation to remove it. Accompanied by her mother yesterday, Bernice left for foreign shores to recover whilst her 'good friend' Hawick Lau stayed in Hong Kong to search for a doctor for her.

Bernice appeared at the airport yesterday morning around 8am, accompanied by her mother and two relatives. Hawick was not to be seen. Not wearing any make up and although disguising herself with a hat and sunglasses, she still appeared to have a rather swollen face. As the doctor has instructed her not to speak too much, so as not to affect her condition, a lot of questions were answered on her behalf by her mother.

It turns out that Bernice had flu towards the end of last year and then this turned into a chest infection. At the time she was still working on filming for "Virtues of Harmony" and although she was seeing the doctor, the condition seemed to get worse. She said with a very hoarse voice: "My mom, dad and Hawick have been all around looking for a doctor to treat me, at first I was afraid it was SARS, but after an X-ray and even trying Chinese medicine, I was still coughing non-stop and then my voice started going hoarse. Recently I have been to an Ear Nose Throat specialist, when I found out that there was an ulcer in my throat."

The doctors have told Bernice that she could lose her voice at any time and must keep to her medication. If the situation worsens, then she will have to have an operation to remove the ulcer. As the side effects of the drugs include bloatedness, it makes Bernice look like she has put on some weight. She says with a worried expression: "Of course the best thing would be not to have an operation, so whilst I am not working and my auntie has to go to work in Kuala Lumpur, my mom and I have decided to go there for some rest in the hope that the warmer weather will make me get better soon."

When asked why 'good friend' Hawick was not there, she immediately smiled and said: "He says he is helping me find a doctor, he is busy so my dad brought us here instead."

[Em: Get well soon Bernice!!]


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

After finishing filming with Wong He earlier, Matt Yeung headed out to a karaoke bar with some friends, but whilst he was there, he was beaten by a group of over ten men and an injury by glass to his arm required three stitches. Before work on that day, Wong He had also had a car accident, but luckily he escaped unharmed despite his car being destroyed.

Matt was filming for "Water Margin Infernal Affairs" before he arranged to meet a few friends from his TVB acting class at a Tsimshatsui bar. As they had fun until around 6am, a group of over ten built men rushed into their room and without a word started hitting Matt and his friends. In the chaos, Matt was cut with glass and also suffered cuts to his face. His friend Wong Chun San was also hit with a glass on his head and sustained injuries. After the incident, the gang immediately ran away.

When the police arrived at the scene, Wong Chun San was taken to hospital for treatment and Matt and his other friends were taken to a police station to give a statement. As Matt had a severe cut to his arm, he was also taken to hospital for treatment later. When ex-girlfriend Sharon Chan heard the news, she immediately went to the hospital to visit him and later assisted in making claims against the insurance company. She said: "Although he is my ex-boyfriend, I am still very worried about him and his insurance company was bought from my mother, so I have a personal and professional duty to help him. (Could he have been beaten because of a grudge?) No, because when we were together, I felt that he was a lovable person who rarely argued with anyone and he is a very easy-going guy." Matt was discharged yesterday to rest at home. Reports indicate that on that evening, the attackers had recognised Matt as an artiste and tried on many occasions to invite him to join them drinking and singing, but he refused and caused some discontentment as the two groups exchanged angry words.

Yesterday, Matt said on a telephone interview: "After work, I had met some of my old classmates from the acting school, but towards the end of the night, a group of men suddenly barged in and didn't say anything before they started hitting us. I have some scratches on my head and had to haev three stitches in my arm. (There are reports that you upset these men in the bar?) No, I did not say anything to anyone and no-one asked me to join them. I still don't know why we were attacked. (Will you go there again?) I will cut down on these activities. (Have you contacted TVB?) Yes, they have told me to rest for a couple of days."

Another version of the story involves fellow actor Bosco Wong, suggesting that he was also at the incident and there was an incident between him and some people that Matt may have interfered with. When Matt was asked about this, he said: "Bosco was in the next room, but I don't know if he had any rows with anyone. If we got beaten because of this, then it would be very innocent." Matt admits he was very afraid, but the matter is now in the hands of the police and he feels that the security cameras will have records of the incident and it should not be difficult to find out the truth. He is not severely injured and their losses amount to a few hundred dollars, with the snatching of one of the girls' handbags. Until the time of going to print, Bosco Wong has not been available for comment.

Also, Wong He suffered a traffic accident on the way to work that evening, but he continued with his filming and afterwards, his management company stated: "Ah He is fine, it was just a small accident."


Who is Matt Yeung?

Matt Yeung Ming's original name was Lam Ming Lok and he started his career as a model, later joining the 13th Actor Training Class at TVB and entering the entertainment industry. In 2000, he represented Hong Kong to enter the 'Mr World' competition in Edinburgh, UK but came away empty handed. He has taken part in TVB series such as "Screen Play" where he played Nic Tse and also "The W Files", "A Matter of Customs", "Aqua Heroes" and "Law Enforcers II". Matt dated "Focus on Focus" presenter Sharon Chan for three years before they announced their split in January of this year.


[Ta Kung Pao]

The fourth quarter results for "2003 Television Shows Enjoyment Index" have been released and the top ten shows in order are: "Outstanding Chinese People Series" (RTHK), "The Monday Files" (TVB), "News Magazine" (TVB), "Police Call" (RTHK), "Cable News" (Cable), "Triumph in the Skies" (TVB), "Review of the Year 2003" (TVB), "Hong Kong Connection" (RTHK), "Gamblers Lost at Sea" (RTHK) and "News, Finance and Weather Roundup" (TVB).

The unusual appearance in the survey showed that entertainment shows have seen a rise in the index as the factual and current affairs programmes stayed level. In the top twenty shows, five were of an entertainment nature, among them TVB's "Triumph in the Skies" broke into the top ten, ranking sixth and breaking the trends for a long time.


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