Monday, January 26, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Since the ending of variety show "Enjoy Yourself Tonight", Cutie Mui has not taken part in a Chinese New Year show for a while, but this year she has had the chance to perform in her old role again. Cutie laughs that seeing Louis Yuen winning a golden goat in last year's show, she became greedy and she decided to take part in the show this year for a chance to win a golden monkey. When asked whether she wants to find a 'golden turtle' [rich husband], Cutie laughs: "This is my wish for every year, but as I get older, then never mind a golden turtle, even a silver turtle or a bronze turtle would be okay." Talking of whether she had an offer of a mattress adverti from a pursuant earlier, she replies coyly: "That 'uncle'? If I don't have any feelings for them, I will call them 'uncle', so I have a lot of 'uncles' around me. No pursuants? Of course I have, but I am not dating at the moment, I hope that there will be some good developments in the coming year."

Cutie indicates that she is expanding the horizons in her life and she has joined the realms of waterskiers, meeting a lot of new people and hoping to make some new friends. Born in the year of the horse, Cutie will not have her fortune read because her Buddhist master has told her that your destiny can only be read by yourself and only you are the clearest about your position in life, so there is no need for predictions. She firmly believes that she will be able to marry.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Anne Heung headed out to America on New Year's eve and has been to many places so she will not be heading back to Hong Kong until early February. This is the first time she has been working abroad and spending the new year there and although she has not been able to spend the festival with her family, she is happy to be able to earn some extra money. The first stage on her trip is Las Vegas and Anne invited her friend and junior Tiffany Lam to come and support her, smiling that she hopes that Tiffany can make it. When asked why she invited Tiffany, Anne reveals that when Tiffany was in Hong Kong as a guest on the Miss Chinese International pageant, the two met in the studios and arranged to meet each other in Vegas. However, Anne was not sure whether Tiffany could make it because she does not have any time off from her studies for the Chinese New Year and she may have to go to classes.

In the new year, what wishes does Anne have? She smiles: "I hope that work goes smoothly and I get more work. (Do you want your love to blossom?) I don't want to talk about my love affairs. (Has anyone rushed you to start handing out lucky packets?) No. I don't want to hand them out yet, I would like to keep receiving them. (Have you checked out your horoscope for the coming year?) I will read the horoscope books every year, but I will not necessarily remember them so it will not affect my feelings."


[Ta Kung Pao]

After presenting an award at the Miss Chinese International Pageant, Tiffany Lam has returned to her studies in America. As there is no break in the US for the Chinese New Year, she had to rush back to class and although she loves the celebratory atmosphere in Hong Kong, she was not able to stay. Despite there being no holiday in the US, Mama Lam still puts a lot of importance on the new year and will follow all the traditions and preparations for the new year, such as buying lucky bamboo, melon seeds, eating the New Year's eve dinner and New Year dinner. Tiffany says: "I have very strong family values, so I love the New Year when the family can be together happily. I remember when I was young and I loved to eat lotus seeds, melon seeds and Sugus sweets."

Asking about New Year wishes, she hopes for good health for everyone and for less natural disasters. Personally, she hopes that she and her mother have good health and she does well in her studies. When asked if she will continue her showbiz career in Hong Kong, she indicates she is still undecided and will leave it until after she finishes her studies. As for her love life, she admits that there are some men interested in her, but she does not want to date for fear of it affecting her education.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Nnadia Chan has been busy this New Year. Every day for the first nine days, she will be visited by many friends and she has been preparing Muli cake and Sticky New Year cake nearly turning into a sweaty housewife!

Talking of plans for the new year, Nnadia will be heading in many new directions. Firstly she will be writing her second beauty manual because her first one sold so well and is topping the non-fiction book chart, making her very happy. As she receives commission from the books she has made a small New Year fortune. In March she will be filming a new series for TVB as well as releasing another album and doing a stage show. She says: "This stage show was co-written by Cutie Mui and me and it is a children's show. Why children's? Because I really love children and I wanted to do a children's show."

As she loves children so much and is the right age for marriage, why doesn't Nnadia find herself a partner and have kids of her own? She laughs: "Although I love kids, I don't want to have my own. Even if I get married, I would rather adopt because there are many orphans who lead tragic lives. (Do you hope to find your marriage partner soon?) I am in no hurry, because I am not that old and I still have to work at my career. Even if I have a next generation, I would like to give them a good environment to grow up in."


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