Saturday, January 10, 2004

[Sing Pao]

Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam have been dating for eight years and inspired by words from the late Anita Mui: "Treasure the people around you, if you can marry then get married!", their marriage plans were agreed as Kenix was reminded that she needs to make good use of her time and treasure everything that she has.

In truth, the news of Anita's cancer condition has made some great changes to Kenix's life as she finally understands that good fortune should not be taken for granted. Since her birth, her path has been a smooth and even one, but she was never content. Only after sharing her experiences with her friends did she realise how fortunate she was as the phrase "Living a fortunate life, but not understanding fortune" can be used to describe her. As she says: "When you have run a third of your natural life, Anita Mui's incident has led me to realise that life is often full of the unexpected. I have a fan in her twenties who has contracted a rare terminal illness, where there are only two people in Hong Kong with this condition. It really is a case where there is nothing you can do even if you are rich as even today's medical advances are of little help to her. I have never been seriously ill, so I do not know how to treasure my health and the people and things around me. I was knew the meaning of 'treasure', but luckily I have turned around early."

Listening to Kenix describe herself: "Stubborn, ambitious, striving for fame and fortune... hahaha! However I am not a girl who lusts after riches, I will never use fame and fortune as a measure because there is too much in this world, endless chasing of material things will make you unhappy. I admit that my attitude to things is a serious one, I work hard and am a perfectionist, so I often give myself too much pressure. Actually I am just looking for recognition from everyone to give a value to my existence."

Having the nickname "Father Lam", Frankie has had a balancing effect on Kenix, as Frankie's life experience and troubles are more plentiful and as her boyfriend, he does not wish for his girlfriend to follow in his troublesome path. In eight years, Father Lam has constantly been by her side talking sense to her and together with good friend Christine Ng who has had more experience of relationships, Kenix has learned to appreciate her fortune and use it wisely. In the days to come, she hopes to use her ability to help other people, so she will agree as long as she can help and is making her contribution to society by her actions.

Maintaining an eight year relationship with Frankie has been an admirable feat and as well as the arrangements of fate and destiny, Kenix feels there has been no special way of keeping the feelings special. She says: "I am a person with a very low EQ [Emotional Quotient], my IQ is better than my EQ. People with low EQ are not calm, but Frankie is just the opposite and he will use a logical point of view to approach problems, so I am slowly learning this from him." She has learned from Frankie that life should be led simply, becasue true simplicity is the foundation of all happiness.

Talking of Frankie's good points, Kenix can only praise him: "Who else can offer me endless support and sacrifice? In contrast, I have not given much to him, just working away continuously and bringing him so many EQ problems. I have never met anyone who can take so much in his stride. It is very difficult for me to compromise with people, I am bad tempered and get heated quickly, but just against the matter and not the person. I am just human, but I am slowly changing my temperament." Sometimes she feels she is not good enough for Frankie and wishes there was a better girl for him, but she is scolded by him: "Don't be stupid! I love you because I am a sucker for punishment!" Frankie's spirit of never letting go makes her think of the couple Mavis Fan and Lawrence Chou. Earlier, whilst being interviewed, Mavis felt that her boyfriend treated her better than she treated him and as Kenix heard Mavis' words, a feeling of agreement surfaced.

To Kenix, Frankie is definitely a man who she can depend on for the rest of her life and she admires his patience and maturity as well as the rarity among men, fidelity. Many people say that there are few good men on this earth, but a few have appeared before her and she has one in her hands. With such fortune, Kenix really needs to treasure it!

Kenix and Frankie have finally decided to marry - congratulations! How are the preparations? Kenix reveals that they chose twenty dates: "There are good dates at the start, middle and end of the year and we finally agreed on 10th March."

Will you be having the ceremony and banquet in Hong Kong?

"I discussed it with Christine a few years ago and getting married in Toronto and Vancouver, you can eat the wedding cake on your first anniversary, I found that quite cute. However we will most likely be getting married and having the banquet in Hong Kong because since announcing our wedding, too many friends have congratulated us so we can't really keep it low profile. A big banquet with fifty tables is inevitable." On the day of the anniversary, Catherine Tsang [TVB Production Chief] called Frankie urgently to plan for 'Virtues of Harmony' and TVB have been very accommodating for the wedding, the couple really must thank Catherine for her assistance.

Have you decided where to go for your honeymoon?

"Bobby [Au Yeung] suggested a round the world trip where you can go wherever you want in a month, such as France, Spain, Florence, Prague and Switzerland. There are so many places I would like to go, since we visited England and Holland in 1995, we have had little chance to go on long vacation because of our work."

Kenix and Frankie have already made an agreement that they will begin making babies after their marriage so that the generation gap is not too large. "I daren't say whether I will be a good wife and mother, becasue I do not have the patience to teach children. I have heard from friends that a woman's personality will change after having children. Take my sister for instance, in the past she used to love going shopping, but now she has kids, she doesn't want to go out. I do not want to guess as to whether I will change or not! However, I do like to cook and no matter how difficult the recipe is, I can do 80% with just one look, so Frankie is lucky on this front." No wonder she sells herself as being able to make appearances in the kitchen and the parlour... and also in the bedroom!


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