Saturday, January 03, 2004

[Oriental Daily}

Shirley Yeung and Ellesmere Choy were filming yesterday in TVB City for "Golden Egg of Ap Liu" taking some wedding photos. Shirley was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress that made her look very sexy. She says that this is the first time she has worn a wedding dress for a series and feels very happy.

With her stable relationship with boyfriend Gregory Lee, does Shirley have any plans to get married? She looks sweetly and replies with a little embarrassment: "I don't know, it wont be so soon! We haven't planned when to get married as we are both concentrating on our careers at the moment. (So will he have to wait?) Let him wait a while first."

As for Shirley's 'husband' in the show, Ellesmere says that he does not feel anything special about taking wedding photos. He says: "This is the fifth time I have taken wedding photos now as I have done this with Ada Choi, Myolie Wu, Lee San San and a few Miss HK contestants. Working with Shirley this time, I have certainly had my fair share of working with beautiful girls! Ha ha!"


[The Sun]

Anne Heung went to a cosmetics promotional event yesterday and she wore a very thick bracelet that was guessed by the press to be a present from her boyfriend. When asked how she spent her New Year, Anne said happily that before she had a boyfriend she would spend it alone at home, but this year, she was with her boyfriend and a group of friends for the countdown. Seeing her so happy, you could tell that she had a good time.


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