Sunday, January 04, 2004

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Frankie Lam and Bernice Liu's characters in "Virtues of Harmony" have been together from ancient times to modern times, appearing in over five hundred episodes. In the modern version after much chasing around, their love is finally sealed with a kiss, but then has to disappear from the audience again. This is because of Frankie's wedding on 10th March and with most of her scenes related to Frankie in the show, Bernice has also been written out of the show for a while. On their last day on location yesterday, they both seemed a little reluctant to leave.

Frankie and Bernice were filming in Ma On Shan for their last location shoot before their temporary departure and Bernice jokingly blamed Frankie for leaving just after giving him her first screen kiss. When Frankie told her that she could find another man, Bernice responded defiantly: "I am very faithful!" The two will be finishing after episode 190 and it is planned that they will be away for 100 episodes, but their return will depend on how the storylines develop.

When Bernice was asked if she was mad with Frankie for making her leave, she admitted that it was a shame that she had to leave the character just as it was starting to develop, but she will not blame him because since winning the Miss Chinese International contest, she has been filming for "Virtues" and not had many oppportunities to try other roles. She can take this chance to try other roles, so in a way she is thankful to Frankie for giving her other opportunities.

There have been reports that Frankie has not been happy filming "Virtues" because it is all a team effort and there are little chances for him to shine and so he is using his wedding as an excuse to leave the show. Frankie denies this, saying that he has not been unhappy about the show because an ensemble show means that it is less pressurised. As he has been working on "Virtues" for nearly three years, he feels that this is a suitable time for a break. Getting married means he is entering a new stage in his life, so he does hope for a change and although it will be harder work filming other long series, he will gain another type of satisfaction from a more focussed role.


[Oriental Daily]

At TVB's charity event for Yan Chai this year, Master Lo Mong raised a total of $1.3 million dollars by pulling a 4x4 vehicle as well as a bus full of people. Master Lo was performing in place of Ng Kong who was injured and said afterwards: "I didn't really need to rehearse, because we are always training and combining seven different types of skill together to form a strength, so it is not a problem."

As for Andy Hui and Belinda Hamnett, they performed an 'icebreaker' stunt that captured the attentions of the audience, but Andy did not complete it in one, having to try a second time before he could smash the block of flaming ice on Belinda's chest. Luckily it all went ahead safely. Later, Belinda commented: "I wasn't afriad that Andy wouldn't hit the right place, but I was more afraid that the ice shards and flames would hit my face. Luckily, Andy was well practiced." When asked if she was worried that her tight sexy clothing would move out of place, she laughed: "Wearing tight clothes was not a problem, as long as there are no fluffy parts on it because they can catch fire!" It was noticed that the ice was not balanced on her chest, but rather on her abdomen. Belinda laughs: "I can't take the weight as well on my chest so it would be difficult to smash. It just proves that my abdomen is made of real muscle!" As for Andy having a lot of pressure because of two failures in rehearsals, he said: "I would rather be the one getting hit, because if I injured someone I would feel very guilty."


[Oriental Daily]

A charity dog-walking event took place yesterday and Shirley Yeung appeared together with her two precious dogs alongside her boyfriend Gregory Lee and his mother Sze Ming who also brought their three dogs. When they were dubbed as a 'family of eight', dog-lover Shirley said that her pets have been very popular and even the event ambassador Gigi Leung wanted to come and give the dog a kiss. She says: "I love 'Bat Gor' [Pug Dogs] because the dog's face looks like my boyfriend..." When Gregory heard this comparison, he seemed rather put out and even his mother couldn't help but laugh as she said: "So you choose your dogs like you choose your men!"


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