Tuesday, December 02, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Jade Leung is good friends with Suki Kwan and with some magazines digging out the news of Kwan's conviction and adding to her pressure, Jade feels that the media should let her off. She says: "Suki has already faced up to her actions and this is all in the past now, she has returned to her normal life and her emotions have settled down now as we go out shopping and dining together. If these reports keep bringing up her past then it will affect her in some way. As for when she will start working again, I haven't asked her." She also praises Suki for her kind heart and boldness and for being a worthy friend. On the day of the incident, everyone around her was crying. When asked whether Suki has given up drinking after the event, Jade says: "Alcohol is not a bad thing, a group of friends getting together for a few drinks is nothing out of the ordinary. We don't drink too disorderly and sometimes I will drink too much, it is just when we bump into the media and she is unlucky that she always seems to meet them."

Jade was guest at an opening yesterday and seeing her working hard at promotion yesterday, she was almost mistaken for being the owner. She says: "Of course I am not, the fortune teller says I am not suited to business, but I do have a wish to go into the beauty business in the future to make not so beautiful people beautiful. The process will be very satisfying."

She says that she will soon be heading up to Jiejiang to film for "War and Beauty" (aka Palatial Sins) together with Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung. With two other female leads, is she worried that there will be some gossip? Jade says she is not worried because the most important thing is to carry out your own work. She will be setting out in the middle of the month and be spending Christmas in Shanghai. She says she is not disappointed because working makes her even happier. As she is working, she cannot be among the 'sisters' at the wedding of her good friend Evon Yung in America. When asked when it would be her turn to wear a wedding gown, she says that she is yet to find a suitable partner who shares her ambitions and who she would like to spend the rest of her life with. Times have changed and as long as two people are in love, a wedding certificate is of little importance.


[Oriental Daily]

Cindy Au was driving to work at TVB City yesterday when she nearly had an accident, luckily she was just frightened and in no danger as she revealed: "I was driving near the front entrance to TVB City when the tyres slipped on a light goods vehicle coming the other way and cut across my car. Luckily I wasn't driving very fast and braked in time, but I was so frightened." When asked whether she has told her boyfriend Roger Kwok immediately. Cindy said: "Roger has to work so I haven't told him yet, I don't want to affect him."

Cindy reveals that in new series "Sum Ling Gai Tong" (Chicken Soup of the Soul), the story tells of her having a fear of driving and needing counselling. She says: "I will remember the feeling of fear from before and apply it to my performance."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Stephanie Wang and Bui On Kei were appearing as Christmas angels and leading over sixty mini-Santas and mini-angels playing with snow in a snow field. Stephanie says she has received invitations to many shows this Christmas and will be spending it working.

With her so busy with her work, has she been neglecting her boyfriend? She says that taking part in Miss Hong Kong in August, she split up with her boyfriend because he could not bear to see her on the stage. However, they are still friends and have kept in touch, with him sharing her problems with her. In the Tung Wah Charity Show, she will be taking part in the Karaoke Contest, but she is still considering whether or not to take part in the diving activity. It is not that she is against wearing a swimsuit, even though it is just a one piece, as she says that for charity, wearing a bikini is not a problem. She says she is worried that she may catch a cold from going in the water and for the sake of making money from her shows, she cannot become ill. Among these is a wedding gown show and she does not need to be sexy in any of her shows. In truth, she does not want to follow the path of a sexy star as she would rather develop her interest in acting.


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