Tuesday, December 02, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Bernice Liu was in rehearsals earlier for her piece in this year's Tung Wah Charity Show where she will be appearing a Lara Croft in a dangerous act involving flame throwers. In the interests of safety, TVB had arranged for the stunt masters to show her three times first and the scene was rehearsed three times before she was called on set. After her 'flying' act with Bosco Wong at the anniversary celebrations, Bernice is once again taking part in a dangerous performance and it would appear that TVB are training her to be the next Sharon Yeung (Pan Pan). She admits that it is hard work, but in the past her characters have all been rather simple or happy roles, so she is relishing in this change of character path for her.

Talking of her mother coming to watch her, and becoming very worried and screaming whenever she saw the flames, has she thought about pulling out from this performance? She says that she was worried at one point, because Cecilia Cheung had an accident last year, but she ultimately has total trust in the company.


[The Sun]

Bernice Liu was filming for her 'Lara Croft' item for this year's Tung Wah Charity Show and after filming the scene with the flame throwers, she laughed: "I felt that my bottom was a little warm!" Bernice's mother was personally watching over with great concern for her daughter.

Bernice will be working with Yumiko Cheng for the charity performance and with a certain amount of wirework and fighting, the flame throwing piece was filmed in advance. On the set, Bernice studied carefully the moves of her stunt double and discussed the finer details with the director. As for Mama Liu who was watching over the proceedings, she was constantly warning her daughter to be careful, saying: "Wah! Remember to run faster!" After filming, Bernice watched the reruns and laughed: "I was so scared I was shaking, I felt my bottom was rather warm!"

Luckily during the filming, Bernice ran quickly enough and did not burn her behind. "This time I didn't put anything on, I didn't use the (flameproof) jelly because it wouldn't look as good if I had it on. (Are you insured?) The company has it, they wouldn't insure me otherwise."

After her previous wirework show, Bernice will be suspended again after her flame show: "I will try everything in one go. I am afraid of heights, so I am quite scared." Although being a fighting star is hard work, she is still very excited with her performance: "Everyone thought I was a bit daft in the past, but this time it is very different and I know my mum is very worried, but she is very supportive."

As for Cecilia Cheung's accident in last year's Tung Wah show, Bernice says: "I have faith in TVB and after that accident, they have been even more careful. Also the director and the crew are all looking after me and keep telling me exactly what to do, so it has all gone very smoothly."


[Sing Pao]

Not long after the controversy surrounding the TVB awards has settled, Maggie Cheung is once again in the news with reports that she owes $80,000 in rent and also earning her the name of 'gossip demon'. In response to this, Maggie is maintaining a stance of 'No Comment' to combat the press.

Maggie is alleged to owe rent of $80,000 and moving out without contacting the landlord, but responds to this and other reports that she has been staying over with former boyfriend Samm Chan calmly, saying: "It's so ridiculous, I will not respond." As for whether she owes rent, she says: "These things will not happen to me, I moved out of my old house six or seven months ago, so I am curious why they are writing this now. The rumours concerning me have been continuous and it is quite curious. I will not respond to this."

As she has so much gossip surrounding her, will she be taking some time out to beat away the gossip mongers? She laughs: "I don't need to just yet, I can still manage!" Does she think she is the target of a prank? She says she does not know about these things and will not talk too much about it. She just wants to concentrate on her work and she will not be pursuing the false reports as she will leave this to everyone to decide for themselves.

Yesterday, Maggie took part in rehearsals for Connie Chan Po Chu's concert where she will be performing for five shows re-enacting Connie's classic performance in "Yuk Nui Tim Ding" together with Connie's son Dexter Yeung who will be playing Lui Kei's role. The two will be singing and dancing in this performance, Maggie says: "This is one of Connie's classic shows and her fans will be very accustomed to it, so I will have to do it very well, but I will not give myself any pressure."

With five shows in a row, is the fee quite substantial? Maggie says: "Connie is my lucky star, if it was not for 'Old Time Buddy' then there would not be the Maggie Cheung of today, so I will not be concerned about my salary."


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