Thursday, December 11, 2003

[The Sun]

Ada Choi and Dayo Wong were filming yesterday in TVB City for "Dung Duk San Tam" (Stand Up Sleuth) and the scene told of where Ada found she was being filmed by a pervert and started to chase him, at the same time, she meets Dayo who is also chasing him and they both rush into the men's toilets. Ada laughs: "We have been filming this series for a week now and I feel very happy because every time we are in the studio, we can't stop laughing." She also reveals that she is always arguing with Dayo, but his brain works fast and always leaves her speechless. She says: "I am always plotting on how to win him."

She indicates that recently she has been busy filming Gospel film "A Match Made in Heaven" where she plays Dr Tse Yuen Man [SARS Hero]. Later she will be out filming on location in Australia and as she will be filming "Sleuth" at the same time, she will only have two or three hours sleep every night. She says: "My condition is okay, when I am not needed on set, I will look for a quiet place to rest."


Michael Tao has always been a sports fanatic and recently he and good friend Marco Ngai went for a badminton match at Happy Valley Indoor Sports Hall. Don't think that the tall and stocky Marco will win easily, in fact Michael, who has only a year's experience of playing badminton, had Marco breaking a sweat, but Marco was not willing to lose so easily and still held out laughing: "Well, besides badminton, soccer and basketball, he is not better than me in anything else!" This both amused and bewildered Michael, who says that he took up badminton upon the encouragement of his wife. Earlier, Marco had challenged Bobby Au-Yeung to a game, resulting in Bobby losing by a mile. Marco laughs: "He is like a sports 'ball', so how could he play?"


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