Wednesday, December 03, 2003

[Sing Pao]

In TVB's 'official' calendar for 2004, Joyce Tang is among the ladies present as she partners Michelle Ye and Adam Cheng in one of the months. To be fortunate enough to appear on the list, is this because she will have a lot of opportunities in the coming year? Will she have to grasp these chances or is it all in the hands of someone else? Surely even Joyce herself does not have the correct answer.

When all the female leads seem to be battling after the presentation of the Favourite female lead award, as part of this group, Joyce has kept well away from the power struggles as she says this is nothing to do with her and just working hard with her performance at the anniversary as well as on the series she is currently filming. As for everyone else's problems, she has kept well clear.

Sitting quietly with Joyce in a coffee shop on a winter afternoon, there are few people in the cafe and she is allowed to complete the shoot inside. She sits down and has changed into a casual T-shirt and jeans as we chat leisurely.

"TVB has in the past couple of years, or should I say this year, been treating you especially well."

"TVB has always treated me well, many people say that in TVB you find fame but no fortune, but after seven years in the industry, I don't think this way. TVB has taken good care of me and it is true that they have been especially good in the past few years."

"Have you thought about where you want to get to in TVB?"

"At the moment I want to step up another level. I am pleased with where I am, but position is given to you by other people. Hard work is your own. Have I ambitions? My ambition is to do my best for myself."

"You have had some heavy roles in recent series."

"Watching these series all the time, then of course there is room for improvement. Every artiste hopes for 'going out' (airing of series) in the best form, but you have to pursue this endlessly and many things will be saved up along the way. Acting is long term and I believe that in ten years time it will be different again. Everyone has different things at different ages and stages in life."

"How do you see your future?"

"I am still looking for it. In the past, I was always a tomboy character and I have been looking deeper into it myself. Alhough everyone calls me 'Ah Jai' (Son) at work, isn't this success? I think back and if I made everyone stop calling me 'Ah Jai' or even 'Nui Jai' (Girl) but still be the straight talking and tough image, then this may not be as successful."

The Joyce before me has a head of long wavy hair and stylish make up, a gentle look in her eyes and is very feminine. In truth, since her performance in "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love", she had already become a true lady, but unfortunately she had to play a homosexual character then and had to turn a corner before becoming a true female again. At this time, Joyce must have felt a little helpless.

Going with the flow is one thing, but she still gained much from it. One of the gains was the opportunity to make advertisements that have also contributed to her transformation back into a lady that can be truly accepted 'into the home'.

After career, there is love? Marriage?

"At this time? I am filming three series a year so I have little time to think about marriage. At the moment, my life is happier than married life, and I believe that one day I will settle down somewhere. I don't want to rush into marriage and don't want to rush because of marriage. I believe the time for marriage is determined by fate and both Marco and I are very confident that we will meet this when it comes. All in all, we are relaxed and stable and we will decide when it is time to have babies!"

Joyce's intentions are clear and Marco totally understands as the two are agreed. Seeing the partnership between them, it is as she says happier than being married. Marco can go fishing, play badminton or go out to sea with his friends or go for a drink and a chat, as Joyce is the perfect partner who will be by his side when she has time but has total trust in him when she isn't there, because she understands that at this point in time, Joyce is Marco's most beloved!

Reporter: Lam Song Yee


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