Friday, December 26, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Charmaine Sheh has spent Christmas filming for "War and Beauty" in Hengdian and although the celebrations were in the studio, there was still a great atmosphere among the cast, who wanted to celebrate at a Western Restaurant, but the 'Western' restaurants there only served hotpots, lotus leaf rice and other Chinese dishes, causing a few laughs. Also Charmaine bumped into old friends in foreign places as she met with Roger Kwok in Hengdian who is currently filming for "Simple Wong Meets the World". Charmaine laughs: "We bumped into each other once, but we were both busy filming, so we just said hello and didn't have a chance to have a Christmas party together."

Ever since she entered showbiz, Charmaine has been working whenever there has been a special occasion, so she wishes for a chance to have a break and have a romantic white Christmas. Charmaine says excitedly: "I really like White Christmases, of course if my ideal lover was there as well it would be even more romantic. When I was studying in Switzerland, I would get together with friends every year to celebrate and make a Christmas feast, exchange presents and have lots of fun."


[Oriental Daily]

Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen have been busy filming in different locations in recent months as they work on their respective China TV series. Finally they were able to see each other on Christmas Day as they both returned to Hong Kong and had a chance of enjoying each other's company in the evening as they went with good friends to Happy Valley to have a Christmas Dinner. Chilam and Anita left at about 11 pm, one after another, but when Anita saw the press, she was full of smiles. Having obviously gained some weight, she even wished the reporters a Merry Christmas.


[Oriental Daily]

Dayo Wong has spent his Christmas filming for new series "Stand Up Sleuth" and was nearly chopped by Lo Mong and his cleaver, leaving him rather scared. Luckily there was no chance of any danger and there was no blood shed. 'Super Sleuth' Dayo was filming an investigation scene in Kowloon City Market where 'Pork butcher' Lo Mong is agitated and picks up his cleaver to strike at people. Dayo takes his team to stop Lo Mong, but they manage to restrain him, but not the cleaver that comes flying towards Dayo and making him weak at the knees.

Dayo says that he has to work every day through the Christmas period, so he has not felt any festive atmosphere. He has also used his work as an excuse not to buy any presents for his friends. Dayo laughs: "Giving presents at Christmas was invented by the Capitalists and not Jesus Christ. If Jesus told us to do it then I would do it. So with Christmas presents, I will give them if I have time, but if I am busy then of course I won't give them." With this excuse, then Dayo's girlfriend cannot complain.

It turns out that Dayo finds that filming for "Stand Up Sleuth" not hard work at all as he is getting an average of eight hours sleep a night and although the filming time has been extended as a result, he does not mind because he believes it is better to be wide awake at work. When the show first started filming, they did have late night shoots and some hard times, but Dayo could not adjust and fell asleep during filming, when the director had to wake him up and it was rather funny. Therefore Dayo thinks that it is more important to have enough sleep.


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