Saturday, November 15, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao / Oriental Daily]

Francis Ng's new series "Triumph in the skies" has had good reviews and ratings and has gained him a nomination for the lead male award at this year's anniversary. However Francis is not confident in winning because the show has only just been aired. As for the reports that the award has already gone to Roger Kwok's 'Ah Wong', Francis thinks that if he wins it is well deserved.

As his show has high ratings, Francis' popularity has risen sharply and when asked whether TVB has invited him to make another series, he says that he has too much work for the near future and it will be 2005 before he has time to make another series. He adds that he does not depend on TV series to make a living, but admits that he has had more offers for promotional work lately and this helps!

Talking of his pilot image capturing the hearts of many ladies, Francis tells how he likes the image hismefl and ask for his hairstyle, it is a matter of taste, but when he was filming he had to spend half an hour for the stylists to help him make up and fix his hairstyle. This is unusual because he does not normally have a stylist, but because he likes this series so much, he spent a six-figure sum on clothes just for the part. Of course he can wear them again afterwards, so he is quite happy to invest in these 'costumes'. Of his hair, he says: "It was my own creation, because I wanted to have a military cut."

Later, Francis will be appearing with Sean Lau in next year's New Year movie, where he plays a villain from the sixties/seventies era. When asked if he will be playing Shek Kin, Francis neither admits or denies it, saying only that he is an iconic character. He says: "It may be him as I admire Shek Kin's wit, but I am very happy to be working with Sean."

As well as his career going smoothly, Francis hopes that his wife can soon bear him a child and bring him a thriving career as well as family life. He also rubbed the belly of a pregnant reporter, laughing that he would like some of her good luck to rub off onto him.


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