Wednesday, November 05, 2003

[The Sun]

TVB's anniversary celebrations will be taking place on 19th November and on the night, Natalis Chan will be doing a Rock 'n' Roll act with seven beauties and Liza Wang will be doing some sexy dances with a group of handsome males. Nat laughs that it will be a case of Wai Siu Po meets the Empress Dowager!

Nat led his seven beauties: Flora Chan, Gigi Lai, Joyce Tang, Bernice Liu, Nnadia Chan, Angela Tong and Eileen Yeow in rehearsals yesterday for their Rock'n'Roll ensemble entry for the "Starlight Award" for the best act. Nat says that he is full of confidence for this award and the only strong competition comes from Liza Wang and her group of young men who will be doing some hot dancing. He says cheekily: "Isn't it like Wai Siu Po versus the Empress Dowager? I will be leading seven young girls and although I am a lot older than them at 25 years old, but it has been a lot of fun working with the group of 22 and 23 year olds and it all looks good. The only not quite perfect thing is that not one of them will be linked with me in any romantic gossip!"

When asked whether he is disappointed about not having Angie Cheung as a dance partner this year, Nat says: "I am full of hope for all the girls, you can't have the same partners every year!" Nat will also be wearing his own private collection of beautiful clothes bought in Europe and the girls will be wearing pretty clothes along the same lines.

Although Flora, Bernice and Gigi have dance backgrounds, the rehearsals have been very short notice and Flora is worried she will not be able to handle it: "This is the first time I have tried Rock'n'Roll dancing and with little time left, I am afraid about whether I can do it." Flora also mentioned that she is not worried about her good friend Catherine Hung's relationship with Kwok Lik Hang who is younger than her, saying that being able to communicate with each other is most important. "I have been for dinner with him before and he looks after Catherine and she really likes him too, so I am happy for them."

Also, dance experts Bernice and Gigi had a quick competition to test out their dancing skills and showing off their kicks and stretches. Bernice says that Gigi is her idol, but Gigi immediately felt a little awkward, laughing: "You're making me feel really old!"


[Ming Pao]

Gallen Lo took part in a film premier and indicated that he has had some free time to spend with his wife and son recently but he will soon be heading into the mainland to shoot some ads and an ancient costume drama. As for earlier reports about his marital problems, these are now behind him. Gallen will be appearing at the TVB anniversary celebrations on the 19th and when asked who he thinks should be awarded the female lead award, he says that he hopes that Jessica Hsuan will win but he feels that both she and Maggie Cheung have their own merits.


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