Friday, November 21, 2003

[The Sun]

Taking the award for the female lead role, Maggie Cheung has followed this with three celebrations in a row and at the Karaoke party, she lapsed into tears as she thanked Mariane Chan especially as the others sang and danced and celebrated her win.

Maggie paid for the celebration party herself to thank the make up and hair styling team with a three thousand dollar French banquet, before heading to a crab dinner laid on by good friend Steven Man and then onto a Causeway Bay karaoke bar to celebrate again with more friends including Mariane Chan, Joe Ma and 'Triumph in the Skies' producer Poon Ka Tak.

Although there has been a lot of gossip after the celebration show, this has not affected Maggie's mood and when they re-watched the video of the celebration show, Maggie was so touched that she again shed tears of happiness that her career was going so well and said with red eyes: "I had so many emotions when I got the award, like a mixture of gain and loss as the scenes of the last ten years appeared in my mind, especially after leaving TVB, it has been a hard path to tread..."

Maggie said emotionally: "Thank you to Mariane, it was you that opened a new leaf in my career by offering me an advertisement. At that time, I said if I could take the female lead role at the end of the year, it would be great, and it is unbelievable that my wish has come true and my work has been accepted. Life has never been this good!" As for her boyfriend and manager Sam Chan, he was not present as he was working abroad, but he still arranged her celebrations for her and she is very touched.

As Mariane presented Maggie with some flowers, the two were so happy that they kissed each other. Maggie was very lively at the celebration, singing and dancing and sharing the champagne with everyone, unable to hide her excitement and partying away until 5am in the morning.


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