Wednesday, November 05, 2003

[Special report from The Sun]

Since being identified as a target for promotion by TVB, Myolie Wu has gained the attention of the viewers and with fame comes gossip. For Myolie, this has not stopped as she has been labelled 'Flirtatious' and 'Gossip Demon' by the press, is this the price of popularity?

When Myolie first appeared in showbiz, she had already revealed that she has a steady boyfriend from outside the industry and she naively thought that this would be the end of her worries about gossip and rumours. She thought that at most, the press would print pictures of her and her boyfriend, however after her recent rise to success, almost every male co-star she has worked with has become linked romantically with her, not only the younger stars like Sammul Chan and Raymond Lam, but even those who are older than her and already have families, such as Tse Kwan Ho, Francis Ng and the assistant producer have been suggested as targets for Myolie's flirting. Faced with all this gossip, Myolie felt a little unhappy at first, but after a while, she has realised that these things cannot be avoided in the entertainment industry and although up to now, she has not been able to deal with these things totally calmly, she is no longer seeing them as a major problem.

"I have talked too much about boyfriends already! I know that one magazine has said that I have had five boyfriends in one year, it really is pointless. In response to this news, I was very bothered at first and afraid that people would misunderstand, however I have become numb to it now. I now feel that if the reporters ask about it, then I will explain. After all I still need to argue my innocence, but if I don't get the chance, then it doesn't matter. If I am innocent, then I will always have a clear conscience, but anyway it doesn't matter, I just don't want it to affect other people."

Myolie reveals that of those who are linked with her in rumours, most of them are her good friends, such as Sammul Chan, who lives in the same apartment block as her and was rumoured for several months to have been co-habiting with her. Myolie says: "I do live with Sammul, but we live on different floors! Sammul, Raymond (Lam) and I are good friends and I feel that as well as romantic relationships, there can be many other platonic relationships between a man and a woman. Also they say that I didn't even let Tse Kwan Ho get away with it, but it is all making up stories from their pictures and this happens for lots of series, I will just have to see it as promotion." As well as gossip about boyfriends, after becoming a promoted star, it has been suggested that Myolie was bullying her peers Rain Li and Sharon Chan whilst filming in "Rainbow Bridge", reports indicating she was playing the big sister and laughing that their parts were small and insignificant as well as taking action to have their scenes cut to improve her own chances of shining. "I really have nothing with Rain, we chatted a lot whilst filming and I really don't know why they reported like that. I am not the kind of person to do things like that and I also don't have the power. Maybe they feel that a show with so many females will surely have a lot of gossip and as for being the bossy big sister, maybe I am quite nervous when I am filming and want to do things to my best and I may sound quite serious. I know where the problem lies and I am taking steps to improve. However, I don't intentionally try to be the big sister and I hope that people will not misunderstand me."

Recently busy with her filming of series, every day when she finishes work, she goes home to rest and she admits she has had little time to spend with her family, luckily she has close friend Michelle Ye to have heart to hearts with and this helps to balance her emotions. Myolie says: "I have to film constantly and often late into the night, as soon as I get home, I rest and I have little time to see my family. Luckily I have always been quite independent and I studied abroad before where I learned to look after myself, so my family don't need to worry about me too much. As for good friends in the industry, I'm afraid I only have Michelle, but when I have problems, I will talk to her about it and she will always comfort me, thank goodness I have her! Actually I feel that you don't need too many close friends, one or two is enough."

After becoming famous, Myolie's series and advertisements have been rolling in and her income has also increased, however Myolie is naturally quite thrifty and not yet having bought her own property yet, Myolie says she doesn't care much for designer labels as a few to accessorise is enough. Myolie says: "I haven't bought my own place yet, I am living with my sister at the moment and I feel that the day when I buy my own apartment is still a long way off. As for other things like designer labels, it's ok if I have enough to use. When things are too expensive, I do not want to buy them."

Finally, when asked about how she will be forging her position at the TV station, Myolie thought for a while before saying: "I feel that there is no 'first line' or 'second line' artistes, as long as you have done your best to fulfil your role, then you are already an outstanding artiste. Anyway, your position is not down to yourself to determine, as long as the audience loves your performance, then even if I am not the lead, I will still be very happy."


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