Wednesday, November 26, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Rain Li and Bosco Wong were filming at Clear Water Bay TV City yesterday for "My Master is Wong Fei Hung" and Bosco who is playing Master Wong was in a scene where he is surrounded and beaten up. Although he had a lot of pads, he still felt a little pain when he was being hit and later Bosco laughed: "I have hot plenty of other people, maybe it is now my turn to be hit."

Rain also has fight scenes in the show, but in the month since filming started, she has not filmed any yet. She admits she would really like to fight: "My flame has gone out and I have forgotten what I have learned before. In the show, Rain often has to dress up as a man, but she is relieved that she has not had to bind her chest just yet. "The clothes that I am wearing are quite loose fitting, like an ancient hip hop costume, but I can't put my hand on my hip because you can't see my chest." Whilst Rain was filming for "Rainbow Bridge", was she picked on by Myolie? Rain laughs: "No-one was being bullied, it was quite good. (Have Cerina de Graca and Halina Tam been picking on you?) Of course not, they are great fun and I join in the craziness with Halina."

Also, Cerina was filming over at TKO TVB City and she happily revealed that she no longer needs to note the Chinese characters in her script with English any more. "Actually, when I was filming 'Ching Chu Yu Nam' I was already reading the Chinese. I learned it from reading the papers and it wasn't too difficult, just reading from the phonetics."


[Ming Pao]

Rain Li and Bosco Wong were filming for "My Master is Wong Fei Hung " yesterday in a scene where Bosco was being beaten up and Rain watched on. Rain is eager to take part in a fight scene, but she is yet to show her skill as her enthusiasm wains. The show will be moving to China to film on location in December returning in January of next year. Rain says: "I am most worried about the weather there being cold, but luckily I will be playing in male costume so I will have a thick overcoat to cover me up." Rain laughs that she would rather be sweltering in Africa than freezing to death. When asked about whether she will have little time to date, she laughs: "Talking of filming (pak hei) and swatting flies (pak woo ying) then I have been doing this, but as for dating (pak tor) then I have no time for it." As for her rumoured boyfriend Raymond Lam gaining the Most Improved Artiste at the TVB anniversary, she says that she has sent him a text message to congratulate him, but is yet to receive a reply.


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