Monday, November 10, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Kenix Kwok has finally agreed to marry Frankie Lam and end their eight year marathon of love. It appears that Kenix changed her mind about marriage after a word of advice from her idol Anita Mui who said: "If you can get married, then get married!", so no wonder after so many failed proposals, Frankie Lam says he needs to thank Anita.

Kenix was filming a grand scene for "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green) in the Cyberport yesterday and happily announced her decision as she revealed that she had taken some time off with Frankie to go and watch Anita in concert, where Anita had mentioned a few times she would like to get married and said earnestly on stage to get married if you can. At the time, many of the audience who were sat near to Frankie and Kenix turned and looked at her and she felt very embarrassed. Afer going home and giving it some thought, she felt that maybe the time was right now and she should follow Anita's advice and get married next year.

However, Kenix says she has made Frankie agree to one condition for their marriage and that is to continue her work after the wedding. She would rather reduce her workload than retire completely and become a housewife. Talking of Frankie's chauvinism in the hope she will retire when they get married, Kenix laughs: "I am more female chauvinist than him!"

Although Kenix is strongly career-minded and has refused her the proposals of her boyfriend many times, Frankie has never given up and Kenix reveals that he has recently been planning to buy a diamond ring to propose to her and has been looking for hints, asking her what sort of shaped diamond she likes and seeing what size her rings are. Despite laughing at Frankie's actions, his sweet thoughts are oozing from her heart.

When Frankie was called to offer our congratulations, he appeared not to know about it as he explained that Kenix has been filming through the night these few weeks and when she returns home, he has to go out to film "Virtues of Harmony" so they have not seen each other at all and can only contact each other on the phone. They have not had time to discuss wedding plans yet, but he hopes that they can get married next year.

Talking of Kenix's condition on him that she is to continue working after the marriage, he says: "Ever since I Started dating her, I have been turned from a chauvinist into a dice and do what she tells me to do (Cantonese: kui wa dim jou dim). Let me confirm this with her first, but I really have to thank Anita!"

Also, "Ching Chu Yu Nam" was filming a huge scene in the Cyberport earlier and the entire cast had to take part as well as over two hundred extras. Producer Mui Siu Ching arrived to check on things in the early hours of the morning and even with the large number of people, the filming all went smoothly.


Some info from MDN at Maggiera.com - thanks!

"Apple Daily published two sketches of gowns which will be worn by the catwalk team (8 fadans and 4 siusangs) on TVB Anniversary night, Nov. 19."

This is the dress will be worn by Maggie Cheung Ho Yee.

This is the dress will be worn by Kenix Kwok Ho Ying.

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