Thursday, October 09, 2003

With all the news about Lawrence Ng's antics in China, it is still a talking point after a week and even TVB isn't letting it drop, using it as a joke during the filming of "Virtues of Harmony".

Nancy Sit and Kingdom Yuen were in Kowloon filming for "Virtues" and Nancy could be seen with a phone in one hand and the other holding onto Kingdom. The two were chatting and laughting and it would appear that Nancy is playing the role of Lawrence and Kingdom his female partner, posing just as in the photograph in the magazine. Together with their funny expressions, they caused many laughs. When asked why they are using Lawrence's photo as a joke, Nancy said: "It's because the photo has become a classic now! (Do you believe that Lawrence has done this?) I haven't seen him for a while now, don't misunderstand him, maybe they are just friends and it's all just confusion."

With her part in the filming, Kingdom says she does not feel there is any malice in their joke on Lawrence, she says: "Nancy is a good-hearted soul and everyone is just having some fun." When asked about Lawrence, Kingdom says she will not comment as she agrees with many other artistes that it is best not to comment: "No Comment is useful for both the media and also the world of women, simple and direct and so well phrased."

During the filming yesterday, a man approached Nancy asking for her autograph, praising "Virtues of Harmony" for airing 5000 episodes (in fact it has only aired about 300), confusing everyone there!


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