Tuesday, October 28, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao/ Oriental Daily]

Leo Ku was filming a music video for his new song "Beet Sat Gei" (Special Move) with Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho and when he met her in person, he praised her by saying she was prettier in real life. Although this was her first appearance in a music video, she was very calm and proved that in time she will find success in showbiz.

Mandy was very happy to have an opportunity to work with 'big brother' Leo, but she laughs that she was a little frightened by his sweaty palms. During the filming, the two played a couple in love and of course there is the obligatory holding of the hands, but the sweat oozed from Leo's palms making him rather embarrassed especially as this was a girl who he was working with for the first time. When the director called 'cut' he immediately asked the crew for a tissue to pass to Mandy and the situation was rather awkward. After filming had finished, they had got through about three or four packs of tissues.

Luckily, Mandy did not mind as she praised Leo back, saying that she was very lucky to work with him.


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