Tuesday, October 07, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Hacken Lee was wearing shades at an interview for the radio station yesterday and he indicated that he had to cover a red patch on the top of his nose caused by acupressure. Hacken laughs that it is because his girlfriend has just taken a course in this technique and was using him as a guinea pig to try and stop his nose from running. He also revealed that whenever he has any headaches or other ailments, his girlfriend is very happy because she can try her skills out on him.

When Hacken was asked whether he was suffering from 'good wealth poor health' and was therefore ill all the time, he said modestly that this was not the case. He envies Alan Tam for being able to be so busy all the time and still keep a healthy body, only needing a few hours sleep every day. He cannot manage this!

Talking of Priscilla Chan's current health problems that may lead to her retirement, Hacken does not believe the story. He says that for an ear imbalance, the most important thing is rest and laughs there is still plenty of money waiting to be earned by Priscilla, so she will not be retiring. Maybe this is a promotional tactic from the record company. Recently there has been a case of some football stars who have raped a young girl, Hacken says that this is quite common overseas and incidents can arise from just a handshake; this is just a matter between the two parties. Hacken says he is a very traditional person and he cannot accept the open attitudes to sex that these people have.


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