Wednesday, October 08, 2003

[The Sun]

With earlier reports showing photographs of Lawrence Ng with a lady in the hotel and his later indication these girls were just his friends, Lawrence was spotted leaving the hotel with his assistant yesterday at his hotel in Beijing and when he saw some reporters there, he was quite shocked. His expression immediately blackened as he ignored all the reporters' questions and gave some displeased stares.

Just as Lawrence was preparing to enter the elevator up to his room, some photographers rushed into the lift to take some pictures and the rather unhappy Lawrence immediately shouted: "Get out!". Later, his assistant asked the reporters for their cards and said: "I cannot respond on behalf of Lawrence." The hotel staff then asked the press not to continue any further. When they were asked if they had seen Lawrence and the girls, the staff said they did not know and were not in a position to comment.

As for his girlfriend Ivy Lo, her mood seemed a lot better yesterday and when asked about whether they had split up, she said: "That's what they say! I have no comment about splitting up because I don't want to talk about personal matters. (Have you laid down the boundaries?) No, boyfriends and girlfriends are still friends and we will not interfere with each other, the magazine was just pushing a point. (Have you been in touch with Lawrence?) I have no response to that, this is the best way of protecting myself."

When Bobby Au-Yeung was asked for an opinion on Lawrence yesterday, he only said: "No comment, I have nothing to say because I don't know what happened with him."


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