Friday, October 03, 2003

[The Sun]

Sherming Yiu and Annie Man appeared in quiz show "Wang So Chin Gum" yesterday and admitting she has been a 'fluke' all her life, Sherming became the big winner again winning $98000 in cash and the top cash prize winner in this series so far. She says: "I am really flukey! When I took part in Dayo Wong and Lydia Shum's shows before I won then and winning so much cash this time, half will be donated to the Children's Cancer Fund."

Busy filming for TVB series earlier, Sherming has had to turn away many chances to do stage work and advertisements, but now her schedule is packed with jobs and making up for her losses. She says: "After finishing this series, I will be doing ads for a slimming gel and a tummy flattening pill."


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