Wednesday, October 08, 2003

[The Sun]

Former rumoured couple Fiona Yuen and Timmy Hung met up at a fashion event yesterday. As Fiona arrived late, there was some suspicion that she was avoiding Timmy, but she denied this saying: "It's all in the past, we have always been friends." After this, she happily had her photo taken with Timmy, but Carlo Ng who was nearby said: "Why would Timmy avoid her? It is a few years ago now, why don't you talk about Louis Koo instead?" (There were rumours that Timmy was not on good terms with Louis earlier.) When Timmy heard this, he could neither laugh or cry.

It could be seen at the event that Fiona was not only looking after the running, but also seeing to her guests, giving much of a 'boss' feel. She laughed: "I don't have a share in the store, but the line of jewellery that I have designed are sold here, so I am just helping out." Also, despite rumours that Anita Mui's manager Wang Man Wai has been dating her boyfriend Brian, Fiona still supports Wang, saying: "I do know her and I feel she is not as bad a person as the reports make out. I hope you will not be too tough on her."


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