Wednesday, October 01, 2003

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"Double Dragon of the Tang" is a new venture for TVB as according to the producer Chong Wai Kin, the investment in this show is great and as well as around 50 actors from TVB, there will also be 300 crew recruited from the mainland and in order to look after the food and health of everyone the producer has even taken 5 chefs from Hong Kong and a doctor to make sure everyone is fine. Because of the extremely hot weather there, there was one actor who suffered heat stroke on the first day of filming, but luckily the location doctor was there to help her and she was soon back into filming again.

Cast members:

Kau Chung - Raymond Lam
Tsui Chi Ling - Ron Ng
Hau Hei Pak - Derek Kok
Lee Sau Ling - Tavia Yeung
Si Fei Huen - Leila Tong
Fan Ching Wai - Mary Hon
Chuk Yuk Yin - Evon Yung
Fu Kwan Cheuk/ Fu Kwan Yu - Christine Ng
Guen Guen - Woo Ding Yan

Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng and Raymond Lam are currently filming for TVB's "Double Dragon of the Tang" in Hangzhou and in the two months they have been there, they have been faced with 40 degree heat and it has been hard work.

Among them, the first 'victim' was Tavia Yeung who fainted from heatstroke during filming. Her preventative measures were complete, as well as bringing her fan and parasol, she also drank 2 litres of water before heading out each day just in case. Even as we enter September and the weather is starting to be cooler with autumn approaching, Tavia's 'fighting regime' is not lessening as she says: "I am used to drinking 2 litres of water every day, so even if it is getting cooler now, I am still keeping to this. The only thing I am worried about with the temperature getting cooler is having to find a toilet after drinking so much water!" Tavia also says that during filming in Hangzhou, the hardest two months have passed now and the most touching thing was that her fans burned a CD full of encouraging words for her.

Also, with his less than accurate Mandarin, Ron Ng has been grabbing the Mainland actors whilst filming to practice his language skills and he says he has improved greatly in this short time.

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