Saturday, October 04, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

With photo envidence suggesting that Lawrence Ng took a PR girl to his room in Beijing, he is still working in Beijing at the moment and has still not been contacted by the press, but eventually his assistant took the hit for him indicating that Lawrence is busy and not able to answer his phone before cutting off the call.

Lawrence is far away in Beijing and able to avoid the press, but his poor girlfriend Lo Wing Han has had to go to work to film for new series "Choi Hung Kiu" (Rainbow Bridge) and must no longer hide away from the reporters. When she saw the reporters, Wing Han tried to hurry away, but they chased and caught up with her as she rushed into Studio 3 Make up room.

During this time, there were many questions asked and Wing Han could only smile slightly and not say a word. Later she realised there was no malice in the reporters and offered a response, saying: "Sorry, I know you are all concerned about me, but I really do not want to comment on or respond to this. I am very sorry." She allowed the press to take a few pictures as she smiled awkwardly and the press felt sympathy for her.

Actually, Lawrence should stand up and face this, offering a response. Even if he does not want to give himself an excuse, he should be protecting his girlfriend and take the pressure from the press off her.


[Oriental Daily]

Maggie Cheung and Sheren Tang have both worked with Lawrence before and were both working at Broadcast City for "Gum Chi Yuk Yip" (Palatial Sins) yesterday, when they were asked for opinoins on this incident. They both agreed there is a lesson to be learned from this from male artistes as Maggie sighed: "Lawrence really does need to be more careful, I feel sorry for his girlfriend."

Maggie thinks that artistes should be more controlled with their lives as this is all part of the package of the occupation because there will be a degree of sacrifice and no matter whether this incident is true or not, he should not have given people a chance to plant this story and if it is not real then it is even less worth it. If this was her boyfriend, Maggie would have cried until she was puffy because she is very possessive and would never put up with her boyfriend doing something like this. So any men with a past record had better steer clear!

As for Sheren, she jokes: "Was that his girlfriend? Maybe she is his China girlfriend... one man three women - then he has a choice. Women don't know too much about guy's things, but Lawrence is wrong, he should be spending money in Hong Kong to boost the economy and not wasting it on the mainland."

It turns out that Sheren has met with her own boyfriend being unfaithful before and she revealed him herself because when he called her, he didn't end the call properly and she could hear him laughing with another woman at the other end. Finally she slapped him and she thinks that he was very cheap for not being content with an actress for a girlfriend. She believes that those who sin will face their consequences.


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