Thursday, October 02, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Having been quiet for a while, Sunny Chan will soon be returning to TVB and become active once again on the screen. He will then be carrying out his plans to wed DJ Ada To and he feels that starting a family also means he should have his own business, so he has recently gone into partnership with a few friends to invest a total of $5million into a restaurant, entering the food and drink industry and learning to become a food critic. Naturally he will be holding his wedding banquet in his own restaurant.

Sunny has revealed that the restaurant is situated in Tsimshatsui East and is 10000 square feet. It is currently in the process of applying for the various licences and decoration, but he hopes it will be open by next January, when he will be holding a small wedding banquet for himself of three or four tables for his good friends to celebrate his marriage to Ada.

As Sunny and Ada are planning to get married abroad, so all the traditions will be simplified, with plans to have a meal in Hong Kong for their friends. Sunny says that he hopes each of his guests will have their attention, so they will not be having a huge banquet. He says: "I am worried I will not be able to look after each and every guest. If there are too many people, I wouldn't be able to have a drink with everyone... Actually, I am already meeting with all my friends so that way we won't leave anyone out!"

With a wish all along to open a restaurant, Sunny originally had the concept of a 'dai pai dong' (streetside stall) to share his few favourite dishes with everyone. Later, Sunny and his chef friends discussed their plans and many of them were optimistic that Hong Kong's economy would make a revival, so they have turned Sunny's 'small investment' around to make a restaurant to service the Mainland tourists.

Seeing his 'small' business idea enlarged, Sunny decided to go with it and offered his investment. If all goes well, Sunny hopes his next step will be to move into Japanese food. Sunny says: "Of course I will concentrate on my acting career and use the fame to help promote business for the restaurant. I will also try and see if we can hold TVB's press conferences at my restaurant!"

(Photo from: Sunny Chan Photo gallery )

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