Sunday, October 12, 2003

Costing over $200 million dollars to build, TVB's Broadcast City in Tseung Kwan O was officially opened yesterday, with a blessing ceremony held at the selected lucky hour in the afternoon. This ceremony was arranged especially by geomancy master Lee Shing Chak and there were many rules that had to be followed strictly. The artistes taking part were not allowed to wear black clothes and those born in the year of the rat had to stand to the side and those females who were on their period were also not allowed to take part.

"The Grand Opening of TKO Broadcast City and Lighting Up Ceremony for the 36th Anniversary Celebration" took place yesterday and TVB had arranged for the blessing to take place at 3pm, when led by Sir Run Run Shaw, respects were paid to heaven and then to earth. TVB's four executives Ho Ding Kwan, Cheng Sin Keung, Leung Nai Pang and Fei Do Yee then paid respects to the fortune gods of the four directions. Then Sir Run Run burned some offerings and poured wine, even though his hands were shaking whilst he was doing this.

As the blessing was based around men, the other two directors Fong Yat Wah and Mrs Li Hau Wo had to wait until the next step before offering their incense with the rest of the executives. The artistes were next, with the first group led by Liza Wang. Before each person presented their incense, they had to wash their hands first with pomelo leaves and fir leaves and Master Lee explains that this symbolised the cleansing procedure of ancient times, but things are a lot simpler nowadays. After the blessing ceremony, the official opening was carried out by the Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Tung Chee Wah, Administration Executive Tsang Yam Kuen and Broadcasting Chairman Fung Wah Kin.

Master Lee went on to explain that yesterday was the strongest Yang day in the Ninth Month and because the Yang factor in TKO Broadcast City was not strong enough, this could be made up for by selecting this particular day. The time was selected as 3pm because this was the time that indicated unification and symbolised the joining together of everyone within the company. He says that the fortune of the land on which the complex is built is not bad for the next 20 years at least, especially in the fields of the arts, reputation and worldly awards, where there will be some great achievements. In the past the old TV City in Clearwater Bay was better for females, but the new complex will be luckier for men.

However, with the ICAC investigations not long after TKO started being in use, Master Lee said that this took place before the official opening so it did not count, but he believes there will not be any problems arising from it. Sir Run Run did not have any special requirements for this event and he was very easy going. Master Lee also says that he had already notified TVB that people must not wear black clothes. It could be seen that all the artistes were very obedient, with only Bernice Liu breaking the rules slightly by wearing black and white stripes and Michael Tao wearing black shoes.

Also, those who were born in the year of the Rat had to stand to the side and the only one who this affected yesterday was Melissa Ng, so when she offered her incense, she was only allowed to place it on the altar set up on one side. Melissa said that she did not mind about this because this would affect her own career as well. When asked if she minded about people working out her age, she laughed: "It doesn't matter!" I am still very young!" She says that the company has put a lot of emphasis on this event and as they had pointed out the rules early on and this was a historical event, she does not mind standing to one side. She also laughed: "With me being the only one who was born under the rat, I feel it was an honour! It is all just down to the thought."


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