Friday, October 03, 2003

Bosco Wong

Kenneth Ma
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It is about time that TVB began to nurture a new group of male leads and recently one of the targets of its promotion has been star of "Find the Light" (Ying Hung Do Siu Nin) - character of "Tam Chi Tung" -- Bosco Wong. He will soon be taking on the lead role of young Wong Fei Hung in Wong Wai Sing's new show carrying the series together with Sammul Chan and Kenneth Ma.

Four years after joining TVB, Bosco has finally found his way to becoming the male lead, but he says modestly: "Actually the real star of the show is David Keung because his acting is really remarkable and I am a little afraid. Taking on a heavy role definitely puts pressure on me and I will worry about the audience's response, I hope that everyone will be happy when they watch it." Is he worried that the ratings will be less than satisfactory like those of "Find the Light"? "I feel that there will always be a time when I am a newcomer and there are many reasons why the ratings are not good such as the start of the school term or holidays. Having 26 or 27 points is not bad."

Faced with the other newcomers of his era, Bosco feels he is a little ahead. "I think I am very hardworking and I can change a lot, I am good at being loud as well as quiet and can change over in a very short time." Full of vitality, Bosco loves the sunshine and the beach as well as action sports and is never standing still. However he does have times when he calms down and will suddenly go and sit in a hotel coffee shop to read a book or watch video discs at home. Although this is the case, Bosco has something he wants to try: "I really want to try bungee jumping because I believe it will be very exhilarating. However I will not play the plunging rides because I don't like the feeling of mechanically controlled rides."

Wong Chung Chak (Bosco), born on 13th December 1980, currently 22 years old. Height 5ft11ins. Was discovered by a talent scout in high school and filmed a lemon tea advert with Cecilia Cheung. In 1999, he entered TVB and became a TV host before taking his first proper role in "Triumph in the Skies" (Chung Seung Wan Siu).


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