Thursday, October 09, 2003

[Apple Daily 30/09/03]

Yoyo Mung, Vinci Wang, Mimi Lo and Eddie Kwan went to South Africa recently to film a travel special for TVB and during their 12 day trip, they sampled the delicacies of the country. Vinci says: "We went to a Chinese restaurant to taste their abalone, the one that Mimi introduced was a three-headed one and the biggest one. Of the dishes in that meal, over ten were related to abalone and after a while, we started losing feeling in our tongues!"

Vinci also adds that the most amusing thing in the trip was Mimi's popularity with the locals who all praised her beauty and asked to have a photo with her. Vinci says: "We think it is because Mimi has an Afro perm and has gained quite a tan, so she might have been mistaken for a local!"

Courtesy www.mimilo.net

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