Thursday, September 18, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Cutie Mui earlier signed to be spokesperson for her good friend Florence Kwok's restaurant and recently shot a set of Autumn promotional stills where Cutie provided two images, one as a water skier an another as a flying sheep.

Cutie says: "Because I quite like water skiing, so I suggested that image. As for the flying sheep, it is in line with the lamb speciality of the restaurant. Originally I was going to be suspended by wires, but because the budget wasn't very high and not enough for the wires, they sponsored me for three lessons of yoga instead and this flying pose is a yoga position."

Apart from this, Cutie will be going to help promote at the restaurant at the end of this month because Florence has had an idea for Halloween in October to have a party at the restaurant and for Cutie to dress up and bring the food out, so Cutie is currently thinking about how to make herself up that evening. However since becoming the spokesperson the business has shot up and Florence is considering opening another branch, with Cutie making an investment too. She says: "In the past all my investments have failed, but the fortune teller says that from June this year onwards, I can now invest, so I am thinking about taking a share, but the amount won't be too much."


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