Friday, September 19, 2003

[The Sun]

Michelle Ye appeared in a low cut top to join in with TV game show "Wang So Chin Gam" (Sweeping up the Gold) and was praised by Cheng Dan Shui that she was "a mature lady" making her blush! Later she beat Edwin Siu and won the $6,000,000 prizes and prize money! Beaming with sunshine, Michelle had just returned from working in America with Lydia Shum and said: "I get on really well with Lydia and besides our love of food and drink, we also shared stomach cramps! (Will you adopt her as godmother?) Of course I would like that! Actually after filming with Adam Cheng, I am half a daughter anyway, so it doesn't matter if we adopt each other or not."

Also, with ratings of 24 points for his show, Ah Dan is very happy and believes that the ratings will continue to climb as he says: "Later I will invite some guests from the mainland together with a tour of the region so it should prove to be popular." As for Edwin who has a new album out today, he is confident with his record sales as he says: "I have put a lot of effort into this album, so I hope everyone will enjoy it with care."


[Ming Pao - additional]

Michelle Ye and Edwin Siu took part in Cheng Dan Shui's gameshow and Michelle revealed that after her promotional tour of New York and San Francisco with Lydia Shum, she found that she got on very well because they are both Shanghainese and have similar tastes. She and Lydia found they use the same model of phone and got the same result in a psychology test that they both like handsome men and even had stomach cramps together.


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