Friday, September 19, 2003

[The Sun]

Frankie Lam's father was rushed to hospital yesterday with blackouts and although he was very worried about his father's condition, Frankie still had to rush back to the location to continue filming "Virtues of Harmony II". Last night, Frankie and girlfriend Kenix Kwok went to visit his father especially and because of his father's unstable condition, he is seriously considering getting married to fulfil his father's wish.

Frankie's father choked whilst eating and blacked out at one stage before being taken to Accident & Emergency. His father has Parkinson's disease and has previously been operated on his heart and brain and his health recently has been deteriorating. Frankie and Bernice Liu were filming for "Virtues of Harmony" yesterday and the original call was for three o'clock, but Frankie arrived half an hour late. However there were no complaints from Bernice or the crew, who all tried to comfort him and this touched him greatly.

He reveals that although his father is awake, the doctor has suggested that he stays in hospital for a complete body check. Frankie says that aside from his father's illness, his mother is also very worried: "My mum has been crying a lot because she doesn't understand why such a good person like my dad has to spend his later years in so much discomfort. I said to her that in more than ten years that my dad has been retired, he has been on holiday every year and has had all of life's comforts, but I also hope that he will get better soon." Frankie is the youngest in the family and all of his elder brothers and sisters have got married and had children, when asked whether he would like to marry his girlfriend Kenix Kwok soon, to make some happiness for the family, he thought for a while before saying: "My dad likes Kenix a lot, but because we are so busy these couple of years, we have not had the time. However I will seriously consider it now."

Already recognised as a daughter-in-law of the Lam family, Kenix took advantage of her free time and went with Frankie last night to the hospital to visit her father-in-law to be. Kenix says candidly that Frankie's father loves her dearly and although he has Parkinson's disease, he still remembers her. When asked when she would get married with Frankie, she says: "We have talked about it for many years, but we need to finish all the work we have first, getting married is not just about fulfilling his father's wish." Kenix admires the motto of Frankie's family: "I would rather be forsaken by others than for me to forsake another. I know tha this father's condition is unstable but I hope that good things will come to good people." Frankie says tha his father is currently not yet stable so rather than risk travelling they will not transfer him to a private hospital and would rather he stayed for more observation.


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