Wednesday, September 24, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee have finally revealed their relationship and they appeared yesterday at the wedding of Wong Shu Kei and Maple Hui as part of the brothers and sister troupe and it was joked that the next to be married would be Shirley.

Shirley reveals that she will not be getting married in the near future but admits that her relationship with Gregory is very good. When asked if Gregory was her ideal bridegroom, she smiled and called him over saying: "They're asking if you're the one I want to marry!" Gregory laughed in reply: "Yes! And there is a meaning in that answer!" Shirley smiled even wider: "Sor gwa! (Silly melon) Let me think about it!" Shirley says that if she gets married, she will have a big party because it only happens once in a lifetime and her father has a lot of relatives; however she is a workaholic so it will not be too soon.

[Additional from Ta Kung Pao]

Everyone was a little curious as to why she was part of the sisters because she is from a later generation from Shu Kei and Maple, but it turns out that Shirley met Wong Shu Kei from filming "Huet Jeen Hin Yuen" (Blade Heart) and got to know him when they were learning to ride horses.

Also, another of the sisters Bondy Chiu revealed that a lot of the preparation for the wedding was placed on her and Choi Lap, but because it was quite rushed, there are so many things that are not perfect. Louis Yuen was the MC at the wedding ceremony and Bondy says that because there were a lot of children there, they will tone down the games a little. Bondy says: "We didn't plan to play games with the couple because we wanted to keep the whole thing a cosy affair."



[Ming Pao]

Myolie Wu has recently signed as spokesperson for a skincare brand for a seven-figure sum and has had to soak underwater for twenty four hours whilst filming an advert.

The company used another seven figure sum for the production of the TV and billboard advert that took place underwater that was quite a challenge for Myolie who is afraid of water and doesn't know how to swim. However the production crew had all the safety measures in place and Myolie underwent some special training the week before from members of the team from the Asian Games synchronised swimming team to ensure the smooth running of the filming and the required results. Myolie was quite nervous during filming, unable to grasp the floating technique, making her swallow water and at one point almost drowning due to cramp. Luckily under the instruction of her coach, she finally mastered it and could open her eyes underwater and smile sweetly. Although she was under water for almost 24 hours, she has no complaints.


[Ming Pao]

After reports that Melissa Ng has earlier married her businessman boyfriend in secret and bought a $13 million dollar house, she was questioned by press whilst filming for new series "Choi Hung Kiu" (Rainbow Bridge) with Tse Kwan Ho in Happy Valley yesterday. She muttered: "I have no reponse, yes is yes, no is no. I only visited San Francisco last month with Lydia Shum and Michelle Ye because of work. As for my personal affairs, I have never talked about them." Melissa also denies the rumours that TVB has been treating her poorly.

When she was further asked if she had married, she continued saying that she did not want to talk about it. So is that a silent admission? She emphasised that she does not want to talk about her personal affairs. Is it because her other half does not like it? She says that it is her own decision not to talk about it because she does not want it to get darker and darker. When she got into her location bus, faced with more questions, she just waved goodbye to the reporters.


[Ming Pao]

Stephanie Wang appeared at the inaugural flight of an aircraft with other unsuccessful Miss Hong Kong contestants yesterday and she revealed that she has formally signed for TVB and has the support of her father Wang Wai. She hopes that she will soon find a suitable manager to help her arrange her work because there are a number of companies who would like her to make advertisements such as slimming companies.

When asked if the newcomers wage at TVB would be quite low and not enough for her, she feels that as a newcomer it doesn't matter because she has her family to look after her and she should have enough money to spend.


[Ming Pao]

Moses Chan has been offered a six-figure sum to film a set of 98 short clips for "Longman's Daily Use English Follow Me" video discs (total 7 discs). Among them is a clip that teaches how to woo women! Moses says that using English to chat up girls is easier because saying "I Love You" will touch a lady's heart, however he will not reveal how many ladies he has said that to so far!


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