Monday, September 01, 2003

[Ming Pao]

The selection contest for the new members of girl group Cookies took place yesterday with the 1st place being awarded to Lee Lok Yee, but the show was somewhat stolen by the second place winner 17 year old Mabel Cho who is the younger sister of this year's Miss Hong Kong winner Mandy Cho. Third place went to 18-year old Cheung Wing Ka.

Mandy Cho was there at the show with her family to support young Mabel and she indicated that although she only gained second place, in the eyes of all the family she was already a winner. When asked whether her sister would follow in her footsteps to enter Miss Hong Kong, Mandy replied that it is unlikely because her sister's interest is in singing and dancing. Mr Cho indicated that he would like Mabel to put her studies first and to just see this as an experience before discussing her entertainment future later.

The winner Lee Lok Yee has to face her public examinations this year, but hopes that she can balance her singing with her studies. The record company revealed that the top three will be sent for training and their contracts will depend on their performance.


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