Monday, September 15, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Rumoured lovers Flora Chan and Moses Chan appeared at a celebration party for Cha Siu Yan's radio show yesterday and seemed very nervous and reserved as they were photographed together; however when Flora went on to have her photo taken with Nick Cheung, she seemed more relaxed and outgoing putting her arm around him.

In response to her two different reactions, Flora says she didn't feel she acted differently. She goes on to say that with her parents over from America to visit her, they have also asked about the truth behind the rumours and whether she had a new boyfriend. Flora says: "The old boyfriend hasn't even appeared, so how can I have a new one?"

Moses says that it is good to keep his distance with Flora but he insists he is not afraid of it affecting his image, he is just afraid of too many rumours being written and people mistaking it for reality. He and Flora are good brothers, but he has to film a series and they haven't been in touch for a while. When asked whether he is afraid his girlfriend will be jealous, Moses says this is personal and does not want to discuss it.


[Additional from Ta Kung Pao]

Moses was asked whether he would go and visit Flora's parents, but he says there is no need to go and visit them especially, he has asked Flora to just to pass on his best wishes to them. When appearing at a recent cosmetics promotion, Moses managed to captivate not just the boss, but all the female workers and he says he did not do anything intentionally. He laughs: "To catch someone's heart, all you need is a bright smile and it will work with anyone."

Flora revealed that she had not seen Nick for a while so she was so happy that she gave him a hug. She also mentioned that she had not seen her parents since she was divorced so they were worried she would not be able to look after herself, but seeing how well she is, they realise that their daughter has really grown up and can look after herself and they are greatly comforted. Also Flora's contract with TVB will be ending soon, but the company is preparing a very good renewal for her and will be announced next week.


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