Friday, August 22, 2003

[Wen Wei Po]

Steven Ma has now completed his promotional tour of China for his first Mandarin album, having visited six cities including Zhuhai, Beijing, Tianjun, Xian, Shanghai and Zhengzhou. At each place was held fans meetings and album signings as well as an interview with the local media.

The happiest thing for Steven on this tour was to find that many of his television series have been aired in many different areas of China, so as he arrived at each place, the fans would refer to him with different character names. For example in the North where they have just aired "Healing Hands" and "Duke of Mount Deer" they are referring to him as "Xiao Xuanzi", because his series have gone down well with the local viewers the record has sold extremely well and together with the proposed airing of his series "Where the Legend Begins" in Shanghai in September, this has all contributed to his confidence in the distribution and he is now working on promoting a second Mandarin album on the Mainland. There will be a whole new image for his audience in his new album.

The tour has been very tightly scheduled and at the first five places there was little time for him to look around, but at the last stop Zhenzhou, after he finished his work, Steven decided to stay for a couple more days to do some sightseeing. Steven first went to Kaifeng to try their famous soup dumplings and see the Shrine of Judge Bao. He also visited the ancient historical imperial temple "Dashang Imperial Temple" to look around and request a blessing for his family.


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