Saturday, August 09, 2003

The twelve Miss Hong Kong finalists set out to Zhongshan in China at the invitation of Moarning Star on a series of ambassadorial events, among which was to create a name for the house that was part of the prize for the winner, however many of the contestants' Chinese was not up to scratch and they had to rely on help from the crew to get by!

The events that they had to take part in were quite interesting, ranging from leaving handprints and autographs, setting off firecrackers and rowing boats, the most interesting part was where they had to create a name for the prize home. Number 2 Mandy Cho, Number 11 Rabee'a Yeung and Number 18 Selena Lee had all grown up abroad and their Chinese was very limited. Rabee'a chose the name "Lok Ting" [Lok Pavilion] but wasn't sure how to write the word "Ting" [meaning Pavilion] as her mind kept wandering back to the "Ting" from her own name. Then number 2 Mandy Cho used her surname to create "Cho Lok Yuen" [Cho Paradise Gardens] but she didn't know how to write the character for "Yuen" [garden] and Number 18 Selena Lee wanted to use her father's name to make "Kwong Fai Ho Ting" [Bright Light Luxury Home] but out of the four characters, she could only managed "Kwong" [bright], eventually with the assistance of the crew, they finally managed to get the right words out.

Selena says that she had moved abroad since she was very young and she doesn't know how to write Chinese, but she feels that it is okay to be able to read and understand it. Mandy Cho says that she will need to read more newspapers to learn more Chinese. Later there were arrangements to set off firecrackers and Number 7 Stephanie Wang had never experienced this before and so was so frightened that she hunched up.

With most of this trip being outdoors, and the intense heat caused the girls to sweat a lot and continuously wiping sweat off camera, however they say that it's not really hard work compared to Thailand because the time there was so much longer.


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Recently the temperatures in Hong Kong have been amazingly hot and many artistes have been complaining whilst filming out on location, but no matter how uncomfortable they are, they can't compare to the cast and crew of "Dai Tong Seung Lung Juen" (The Double Dragon of the Tang). This is because the weather in Mainland China recently has been hot and dry, breaking all recent records and Jiejiang is one of the places worst affected. Unfortunately, artistes from the show Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng have headed up there to start filming and working in an average temperature in the forties in their heavy ancient costumes, how can they possibly stand the heat?

Reports from the scene have indicated that on the first day of filming after the blessing ceremony, one of the artistes called Lam Ying Hung has succumbed to heat stroke and fainted, followed by several of the extras falling to the heat. It is reported that for Raymond and Tavia, after about five minutes in the sun, their clothes are already soaked through with sweat and drinking six or seven bottles of water is needed to rehydrate them. Luckily the air conditioning in their hotel is strong enough, so as soon as they have finished their scenes, they scoot back to the hotel in record time to rest and don't want to go anywhere, treating the hotel as a refuge, so bad!


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