Saturday, August 16, 2003

The twelve finalists for the Miss Hong Kong pageant were in Guangdong's Xinhui presenting an opening ceremony for a hot spring spa yesterday and filming some location shots as well as performing some ambassador duties. Although they were not wearing their swimwear or any sexy clothes, they still managed to capture the attention of many tourists in their rather toned down outfits. Some near-naked men were drawn away from their hot springs to watch them, but the girls didn't seem embarrassed and asked the audience to vote for who should be crowned the winner.

Wherever the girls went yesterday, they attracted a big crowd of followers and as they passed by one of the springs, the attentions of a group of male spa-goers were attracted as they abandoned their springs and went out to ogle at the girls.

Responding to the actions of these men, the contestants were not repelled and favourite Number 18 Selena Lee indicated that there were plenty of bodyguards arranged for them to make sure that people looked but didn't touch, so she was very relaxed. Yesterday some of the audience recognised her and called her name, she believes this was down to her winning two awards in the semi-finals. Her father is currently in Toronto and on the night of the blackout, she called her mum to make sure everything is alright and found her asleep. She is relieved that everything is fine over there and her parents will be arriving in Hong Kong next Tuesday to support her. Number 2 Mandy Cho says she is not afraid of people looking at her because she is not unclothed.

Number 11 Rabee'a Yeung is from Vancouver and she says her family was not affected by the blackout. In yesterday's "Contestant's favourite" vote, although she was a favourite for the award, she did not even receive one vote but she says she was not disappointed.

Number 7 Stephanie Wang's parents also live in Toronto but their area was not affcted and yesterday she was the most wrapped up out of all the girls. Does she feel that the company is constantly making her dress the most conservatively to cover up her natural assets? Stephanie says: "No, I still have my other talents."


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