Sunday, August 03, 2003

TVB's ancient costume drama "Dai Tong Seung Lung Juen" (Double Dragon of the Tang) will begin five months of filming in Jiejiang province in China and the two stars Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng openly arranged to meet in a sportswear shop to buy some clothes, even appearing in matching items, could it be that they are dating?

Actually, Tavia and Ron are good friends and of course they will not have any abnormal relationships, in fact they are just preparing for the trip out to China buy stocking up on some clothes for the long spell away. As the two chose their items, the two joked and chatted, just like lovers but they were really just discussing what suited them better and Tavia displayed in full the girl's talent for browsing and shopping, enjoying every moment of her choosing experience. As for "grown man" Ron, then of course he manages to choose his items in record time. Afterwards, Tavia says: "I am so busy with filming recently so I haven't had much time to go shopping, so this time I am making the most of this trip and it is so good!"

(Caption: Ron and Tavia's tastes are very similar, so they end up choosing the same item.)


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