Thursday, August 14, 2003

Sonija Kwok will stay with mother after marriage

[Oriental Daily]

With rumours that her good friend Charmaine Sheh is co-habiting with Benny Chan and her own relationship with Deric Wan stable, has Sonija Kwok thought about moving in with him? Sonija smiles as she says: "I haven't considered it, we haven't thought about getting married yet, so there is no need, he always comes looking for me anyway so what do we need to live together for? (Well it will be less trouble for him rushing around.) It's not that hard work, anyway there is not a need for it for work or life at the moment and he hasn't suggested it. I am living with my mum at the moment, you can't expect me to tell her I am moving away from her to go and live with him." Sonija is a filial daughter and she says that even if she gets married in the future, she will still live with her mother and will stay with her after marriage.


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