Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Since taking the title of Miss Chinatown International, Bernice Liu has been working in Hong Kong for two years now and in that time she has had plenty of opportunities to appear on screen. The greatest thing was the chance to appear on the ancient and modern versions of sitcom "Gai Dai Foon Hei" (Virtues of Harmony) because this show is long running and is capturing the hearts of families everywhere. This easily creates her a happy, healthy image and has attracted a great band of family supporters, creating limitless potential for her.

Although "Princess" (Nickname earned from the role Bernice played in "Virtues of Harmony") has a rather mature appearance, she is just as lively and energetic as a little girl and with her dance background, many people have suggested she should become a fighting star and she feels she might want to give it a try. She laughs: "I would like to, especially seeing how great Lara [Croft - Tomb Raider] looks. (But aren't you afraid of getting all sorts of injuries?) So I need to do it whilst I am still young! Especially as I have tried Taekwando and boxing, the only thing I haven't tried is Chinese Kung Fu. (Will you reflect this to the company and tell them to let you try some martial arts series?) Well the company already has plans for me and I know I am still not very good with my lines, so I will carry on with the comedy to improve my lines before trying some more traditional martial arts shows. By then I will be more confident."

As well as her performance opportunities, Princess has also had plenty of chances to make advertisements and movies so she admits she has long earned her first "million" [HK Dollars]. As for how she will use this money, she says: "The first thing I did was to pay back my debts from my study, as I didn't want to use my family's money I borrowed a lot of money to pay my fees. As for the rest of it, I have saved it up because I want to buy a car." Although she already has an international driver's licence, she still has to take lessons before she can obtain a Hong Kong licence. Moreover she doesn't know the roads in Hong Kong so for now she can only catch lifts from friends or take public transport. However as an artiste, does she find it inconvenient to take public transport? She laughs: "I will try and travel during off peak hours, so there is no problem. Even if people recognise me, they are very friendly and I will ask people for directions."

When asked whether she will buy an apartment after buying a car, she say she hasn't decided yet because living with her father at the moment is okay. Although she would like to live nearer to TVB's TVCity, she doesn't want to buy a home in that area, but renting is okay. What is her dreamhouse like? She smiles that it doesn't need to be very big, as long as she buys it herself. She says that she really like decorating and when she sees some ornaments, she really wants to buy them, but she has nowhere to put them.

In today's society, many people have the outlook of 'hate the rich and loathe the poor' and with Princess having so many opportunities since her emergence, has she been the brunt of some jealousy? She says she hasn't and conversely, her colleagues such as Nancy Sit, Frankie Lam and Cutie Mui are not only very nice to her, but often give her advice and if she has any problems she can talk to Cutie. She laughs: "When I first entered showbiz, I spent almost every day with them, so they became like a family and recently I have filmed a bubble bath advertisement, so I brought them some of the products, but Frankie laughed at me saying 'Princess, you can't take your clothes off in front of the camera.' He made me so mad! I feel that everyone has to wash and my image is young and healthy, so to film these 'washing scenes' is not too extreme."

Remember that Bernice had earlier appeared in a movie revealing her back, will she be pushing her limits further? She says that it will depend on the need from the script, of course she has her bottom line, but this will be left to her agent and she doesn't need to worry about it.

Reporter: San San [Ta Kung Po]
(Article requested by Sang. Additional images from TVBspace)


Pictures from TVB Weekly 22/07/03
Shirley Yeung, Bernice Liu and Lily Lei Let Go for Summer

As the whole world goes through a temperature rise, if this carries on, then what should we do? Well why not follow the lead of Lily Lei, Bernice Liu and Shirley Yeung and let go this summer, moving out the summer boredom and give the audience a bit of a treat?

Filming the short linkages for TVB's Jade and Pearl channels this summer, the three girls bring a feeling to break through summer. Lily explains that the title for this set of shorts is "Summer with Countless Forms" and tells of how they start off as OL's [Office Ladies] and because they can't stand the heat, they put their work aside for a while and change their office clothes for something a bit more provocative. The hope is that after the audience has watched the promotional clips, they will feel the freedom and put aside the restrictive life, so why not follow them and enjoy the freedom of summer?

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