Sunday, August 24, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Flora Chan, Damian Lau and Hon Ma Li were working despite a Typhoon 3 warning filming an argument scene for TVB's new show "Fei Chui Yan Sang" (Jade Destiny). The scene tells of how Flora and Damian's love affair are discovered by Damian's wife played by Hon Ma Li and the three have a scuffle on the roof.

Damian later laughed that Flora is a "woman causing trouble", as for whether he would have that kind of luck with the ladies in real life, he replied humorously: "Any extra-marital affairs? I am still waiting but my chances are getting less and less, I hope they come along soon."

Also, Flora reveals that she will begin filming a new show in early September where she will play a disabled person who not only has to handle life in a wheelchair, but there will also be some fighting scenes, fulfilling one of Flora's wishes as she says: "My ambition all these years has been to film an ancient costume drama and a fighting drama and I finally get a chance to fight, but I still haven't tried the ancient drama yet."


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