Sunday, August 03, 2003

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2003 - Semi Final Roundup
Report by Em
Sources from Singpao and Mingpao

The 2003 Miss Hong Kong Pageant semi-finals took place at TVB's Tseung Kwan O Broadcast City last night with surprises all round as Number 18 Selena Lee Sze Wan made a clean sweep of the first two awards for "Miss Photogenic" and "Miss Talent". The twelve finalists were plucked from the twenty contestants and were confirmed as follows:

Number 2 Mandy Cho Man Lai
Number 7 Stephanie Wang Chung Hei
Number 9 Lim Ngai Ying
Number 10 Ivy Tam Ching Man
Number 11 Rabee'a Yeung Lok Ting
Number 12 Amy Ang Hang Mei
Number 13 Gladys Sim Tak Ching
Number 15 Alice Chan Yung Mui
Number 17 Carrie Lee Ka Yee
Number 18 Selena Li Sze Wan
Number 19 Stephanie Au Yuen Ching
Number 20 Priscilla Chik Doi Doi

The Perfect Group award went to the outstanding dramatics team of Number 2 Mandy Cho Man Lai, Number 9 Lim Ngai Ying, Number 15 Alice Chan Yung Mui, Number 17 Carrie Lee Ka Yee and Number 19 Stephanie Au Yuen Ching. However, the attentions of the audience were more than captured when the martial arts group performed their skills in low cut tops, offering a rather revealing experience from Wong Chung Hei, Tam Ching Man and Yeung Lok Ting.

Amidst speculation about the reasons why Selena Lee won both awards was due to the influence from her family background and her relations, she refuted this saying that the decision who to vote for rested with her uncle and this was not fixed at all, even if her father had obviously shown his support. She was backed up by one of the judges on the night Julian Cheung who says that the scores for Selena and Mandy Cho were very similar, but Selena had the edge because her dancing was great and she was on form that night. Selena is 22 years old and hails from Toronto, she is a university student and her ambition is to become a successful businesswoman. Former Miss Hong Kong Sonija Kwok was alongside Julian as a judge for the Miss Photogenic award.

Stephanie Wang Chung Hei was full of confidence as she had previously announced that she would not let any negative press from before affect her. She certainly showed this as she wowed the audiences with her great figure and sailed easily into the finals. On the other hand, Carrie Lee Ka Yee wasn't expecting to get through and as team leader she was responsible for announcing the results for her team. As she saw her own name on the results list, she was so moved that she burst into tears. Also, when Gladys Sim announced that she had got through, Dodo Cheng seemed a bit shocked by this, she later explained that she was just rather uncomfortable that they made the contestants read out their own results. As for the previously rumoured to be a definite for a top prize, Number 3 Aileen Shui Ming Lo unfortunately didn't make it through to the finals.

Pageant MC's Hacken Lee and Ronald Cheng mixed up the teams when they were announcing the results and caused some confusion. Hacken explains that they were simply following instructions from other people and he feels that with any live show, things are bound to go wrong and on the whole the show went smoothly. Ronald took part in some of the performance as well as MC and in one part he was seen to be in a rather compromising position with a dancer. He insists that it wasn't quite how it seemed and no harm was done.

International superstar Ricky Martin appeared to present an award as part of his Asian tour to promote his new album.

Contestant Profiles from www.misshkbeaties.com

After TVB's broadcast of Real Madrid's football game against the Chinese team in Beijing, the hosts and guests from TVB's "Sports World" programme all discussed the match result and their comments. When Hacken asked new present and former Miss Hong Kong contestant from 2001 Lam Yan Hei for her thoughts, she said: "I supported China with my spirit, but I supported Real with my wallet." Because this was a friendly match with no betting allowed by the official Hong Kong Jockey Club, this immediately raised suspicions about illegal gambling, but Hacken helped her out by adding: "Well you'd better go to Macau to do that!". Later Lam Yan Hei admitted that she said the wrong thing and Hacken was extremely protective of the newcomer, saying that she is just a young girl and everyone should just let it pass.


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