Wednesday, August 20, 2003

[Ming Pao News]

Joyce Tang was at a shoot for the winter collection of her sponsor's clothing range wearing 20 sets of clothes and earning her six figure fee. As it is fashionable to be slim, but Joyce daren't not eat for the sake of slimming because the producer of her new show will not let her do this, saying that if her face is too slim she looks evil. Luckily there is a slimming company who are sponsoring her to lose weight without dieting, just using machines to help her tone and in two weeks she has lost 10 lb as they negotiate a spokesperson contract.


[Ming Pao News]

Yoga is trendy, so Nnadia Chan is joining the fashion and has bought herself a set of videos to learn the art and as she shows off her inverted pagoda position, she is making her family want to learn as well. Nnadia finds that after learning Yoga, she has become less tired and more beautiful and she is very happy about this so she will encourage her family by showing her results.


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