Friday, August 29, 2003

[Ming Pao]

ATV held a promotional event for its imported show "Shu Gim Yan Sau Look" (The Legend of the Book and Sword) with guest appearances from Esther Kwan, Vincent Zhao, Ray Lui and his wife and Cheng Pui Pui. At the premiere, there was a charity auction where a special carved lamp was sold to Ray's wife Yeung Siu Kuen for HK$10,000.

Esther is concentrating her career on Mainland productions at the moment and whether or not she will return to TVB will be down to fate. She indicates that although there are many people returning to TVB at the moment, it's not her turn yet. As for boyfriend Nick Cheung mentioning that they will soon be married, Esther says: "It will be soon! I have to go along with what he says, I can't say the opposite! He says he has to win "Ah Wong" (From "Square Pegs") before we get married." So how will "Shu Gim" have to do for her to get married? "20 points would make me consider it. With such high expectations, it's all just because I hope there will be surprising results." Was she angered by earlier reports that she was pregnant? "I was so mad! Such rumours!" Esther says that she will definitely have kids with Nick.


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