Thursday, August 14, 2003

[Ming Pao] and [Oriental Daily]

Kwong Wah, Eddie Kwan and Priscilla Ku took part yesterday in a charity second-hand book sale, where some books were as cheap as $1 each. Eddie also brought his wife and daughter along to choose their books.

The proceeds of the sale will go towards improving the standards of health and education for children in the mountainous areas of Yunnan, China. Kwong Wah indicates that in the past he had a great fear of reading, falling asleep as soon as he did, but later he started reading books on Buddhism and this led his son and daughter to join him in reading, making him feel very warm. He also reveals that his contract with TVB will expire in September and he is currently discussing renewal terms. Although he is receiving a 50% rise in his salary, he only wants to film one series a year, leaving the rest of the time for his family. He laughs that his needs aren't very high, so one series will be enough for living costs.

Kwong Wah also points out that television has a profound effect on children and although he doesn't mind playing the bad guy as long as the script has meaning, he feels that the series produced nowadays are very slapdash and he would rather cut down his output to select some better scripts and some more sincere productions. He says that money is not everything and he feels that his children are already very fortunate so they do not need to be overly rich.


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