Friday, August 08, 2003

[Ming Pao]

The 2003 Miss Hong Kong Pageant had another round of judging yesterday as Cheung Yuk San, Athena Chu and renowned photographer Cheung Man Wah judged for the "Best Slimmed Figure Award". The twelve contestants paraded in their swimsuits to show off their figures and number 17 Carrie Lee Ka Yee was the eventual winner with her 33.5, 23, 35 figure.

Athena Chu revealed: "When I see them work so hard, I will put more time into selecting because all the contestants scores were very close." As for the fall of favourite for the award Number 7 Stephanie Wong Chung Hei, Athena said: "She was still very good and worked very hard on her figure, but each of the judges had their own opinions." Cheung Yuk San mentioned that she will select one of the contestants to become spokesperson for her company, when asked whether she would choose number 17 Carrie Lee, she explains: "I gave her the highest score because her figure is very even but the winner may not necessarily be the one to win the contract as I haven't decided yet. However if any contestants want to try the breast enhancing product and tell me that it works, then I will seek them to be the spokesperson for this product."

When Carrie was asked about whether she would take up Yuk San's offer, she said: "I didn't try the pills and gave them all to my friends, I feel that what my mother gave me is enough!" When Stephanie was asked if she was disappointed with the result, she said: "I am not disappointed, as long as I did my best, after slimming I lost about 5-6 lb and even my breasts reduced slightly. (You can try the breast enhancing pills then!) I wouldn't try them, just the slimming pills."

Also, number 18 Selena Lee Sze Wan was asked about the reports made on her by a certain magazine about her father previously being questioned by the ICAC, she clarified this by saying: "The ICAC have not investigated my father's company, my dad only helped with their investigations. It is untrue that I have a poor relationship with my dad, it's just I don't see him very much and usually talk to him on the phone."


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