Saturday, August 23, 2003

Hacken Lee and Alan Tam have taken their "Jor Lun Yau Lee" Tour to North America as they have visited Las Vegas, Vancouver and Toronto and land in their final destination of Atlantic City. Yesterday was Alan's birthday and Hacken and his fans celebrated Alan's Forever 25th Birthday with him. Birthday boy Alan had the lucky stars shining over him as he won money in Vegas, whereas the god of food looked over Hacken as he tucked into a HK$30,000 seafood feast before having a go on the tallest free fall roller coaster in the world - with so much leisure facilities, this really was a luxury tour!

Hacken hasn't taken a break in a long time because he has been so busy with his work, so what better than to take advantage of his US and Canada tour to go and have some fun in Vegas with his girlfriend Emily Lo and best friend Joey Leung. The most memorable time was having a turn on the highest freefall roller coaster plummeting a great 109 storeys, that's several thousand feet. Hacken reveals that after going on that ride, Joey had to calm himself by reeling off non-stop swear words. He laughs: "Before we went on it Joey was very cheeky saying he was not scared, but afterwards it was him who was the most frightened and as well as going weak at the knees, he kept swearing so much - I have never known him to swear so much in all the years I have known him!" The footage of them on the ride will be recorded on their "Lek Yan San Sai Gei" (Smart People Century) VCD and because they were shouting so loudly all the way, Hacken was a little worried about his voice!

Hacken reveals that because their schedules for Vancouver, Toronto and Atlantic City were very tightly packed, they had to take the night planes straight after the shows onto the next venue, making him feel like a refugee. However they met a lucky star in Vancouver where the forty cast and crew piled into a restaurant to eat, the owner offered them a free meal that would have cost over HK$30,000 comprising crabs and lobsters to the utmost luxury!

Apart from this, Hacken's co-star in TVB series "Miu Gai Ma Hing Dai" (Streetfighters) Gigi Wong has been living in Vancouver for a long time and when she found out that Hacken was on his way, the hospitable Gigi not only provided them with daily soup, she also invited Hacken back to her home, making her neighbours in Vancouver mistake them for being really mother and son and asking Gigi for concert tickets!


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