Sunday, August 17, 2003

Explosions outside the Legislative Council - thanks to "Nameless Angels" and TVB

[Oriental Daily]

TVB's "Nameless Angels 3D" was filming yesterday morning for a grand multiple car explosion scene in Central's Queen's Monument Square that cost HK$300,000 - quite a vast amount from TVB's budget.

Around 7am yesterday, the crew filmed the explosion scene opposite the Legislative Council buildings with over 30 extras. Four cars suddenly exploded and two were thrown up in the air as the roaring fireballs moved outwards and the extras dressed as policemen and pedestrians all dived to the ground with the impact. Because the scene was so realistic, there were some citizens who called the emergency services and some police officers arrived to check what was happening.

The storyline tells of a terrorist group who in protest against the government, places a bomb in front of the LegCo buildings and later the three police detectives Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok and Shirley Yeung arrive on the scene to investigate. According to the producer Lo Wing Yin, the discussions with the authorities about this scene have gone on for a few months and have been well arranged on all parts, for example the police had blocked off the roads and there were police on standby, but in the interests of safety, the explosions had to be completed by 8am and everything went according to plan.

Lo Wing Yin is thankful for the total co-operation and assistance of the government because it is rare that they will allow an important building such as the LegCo to film explosion scenes as this has never been allowed before so TVB has decided to invest heavily, bringing in techniques from abroad, using $300,000. Because the effect went well and to plan, he felt this was well worth it.

With a part in the show, Charmaine said that at the time of the explosion, she had just worked through the night in the studio and when she heard that everything had gone well, she was very happy, but because she was still at the studio she wasn't able to go and watch it being filmed and felt it was a shame. Charmaine also said: "The producer should have arranged for us to go to the scene, so we could experience it for ourselves."

However Charmaine felt that it was pleasantly surprising that they were allowed to film at the LegCo because this helps to create a better setting for the show and even if the show is aired abroad, the overseas viewers can also feel that the government is totally backing and supporting the industry.


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