Sunday, August 03, 2003

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[Oriental Daily - 01/08/03]

Cutie Mui was the first ever slimming company spokesperson and after eight years of co-operation with her representative company, she has appeared in many different promotional images, this time she has enlisted the the help of Florence Kwok's sister's production company to create a new image for her and after three days of hard work, she has finally convinced Cutie to go for a new breakthrough to appear in a bikini to show off her D-cup figure.

Although Cutie has gone from a chubby girl to "Beauty Cutie" for a long time, but her conservative views have always kept her within her boundaries and she has never appeared in a bikini before. In order to put Cutie at ease during the shoot, Florence brought two bottles of champagne with her to make Cutie a little tipsy and relax a little , this trick worked and Florence s very happy with the results.

Cutie says that she agreed to this bikini shoot because she feels that the time is right as she has tried many different images over the last eight years and the support from the beauty salon has been great for her to be able to keep her proud figure and she is quite touched by their sincerity, laughing that not even men can be this dedicated, so she has agreed to show off her 34D, 24, 35 figure in a bikini as a gesture of thanks for the beauty centre and she hopes that the audience will appreciate it.


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