Thursday, August 14, 2003

Although he has been rushed off his feet these few days, Steven has not complained about fatigue, in fact, the enthusiasm of his fans has touched him greatly because at each of his stops, his fans have not only risen early to queue for his events for his autograph, when they see him they call out "Handsome Brother" to him! During this time, the press and the fans have asked this 31-year old what he wants from his partner. Steven responds that he will definitely get married and he had already wanted to start a family at the age of 30, but he is still waiting for his destiny to come.

So what does this Golden Eligible Bachelor want from his future partner? Steven says that she doesn't have to be too pretty, as long as they have a sixth sense for each other, she needs to be able to cook, be sensible and mature, have long hair and an Eastern appeal, best of all if she has a 'single eyelid' so she looks like him."

However, his biggest regret on the tour is that he hasn't had time in Xian to go and visit the terracotta army or to go and see the Shaolin Temple and the Judge Bao Shrine in Zhengzhou; luckily the organisers were very understanding and took him to try all the local cuisine after the events, even sampling his favourite streetside food, trying his favourite mutton skewers in Xian. Also in a restaurant he saw a real seal there and at first he thought that this was one of the dishes, saying: "I don't want to eat seal sashimi." Later he found out that it was actually the lucky mascot for the restaurant and was very relieved.

Steven is interested in buying some property in Shanghai because the property market there is constantly rising and as an investment as well as a place to stay, he feels it will keep its value.


After becoming spokesperson for a slimming company, Maggie Cheung has been appearing a lot in sexy clothes to show off her new figure. However, during a recent visit to America to take part in a charity show and other events, Maggie was upstaged by a female fan who appeared in a strappy bra top to have her photo taken. Shame Maggie was fairly covered up that day so she couldn't have a direct comparison!

* TVB's charity event is in aid of the New York University's Downtown Hospital and as well as Maggie and Jerry Lamb appearing as MC's, other guest stars on the day included Gigi Leung, Aaron Kwok, Lam Chi Mei, Edwin Siu, Edmond Leung, Ho Wan Sze, Yumiko and E-kids.
* Seeing her fans dressing more provocatively than her, Maggie is not afraid of being upstaged and happily poses for a photo.
* Flming in the designer shopping area, would E-kids miss out on a shopping opportunity?
* Early in the morning, the two MC's and some guests visit the American Stock Exchange and with their little golden hammers prepare to start the trading for the day.

[ TVB Weekly 29/7/03]
Pictures courtesy TVBspace News Roundup

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